BSB Nexus Students Strengthen Bonds at Team Building Residential Trip


Last week our Year 12 students took part in a two-day team building trip to Cardona. The goal of this outdoors activity was to strengthen bonds among students, encourage collaboration and teamwork, develop skills needed in effectively working in a new environment -like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution- and, above all, get to know one another better whilst having fun.

This is the second year we have run this team bond residential at The British School of Barcelona with BSB Nexus students and their overall feedback has been very positive leaving some room from improvement, which reflects both their level of maturity and their ambition to get the most of every learning opportunity they are offered.

“I was expecting a fun trip during which I would be able to meet new people, especially those who do IB and I don’t normally get to work with, and to relax for a couple of days from the day to day stress. I was especially looking forward to Bubble football. I really enjoyed the activity on the second day, as it got us working in a team and really allowed us to explore Cardona independently (no direct supervision). Being given that freedom to stop when we needed and to discover the town was really fun. For next time, I would advise students where they could stop to buy food. Our group found a really nice local shop which sold pastries and chocolates made on-the-day and they were delicious. The second day did live up to my expectations in terms of activities, and so did the free time we got at the “hotel”, as the facilities were good and many different things could be done. The rooms were also great, and I think the random distribution of people allowed us to become closer with who we don’t usually spend time with. More than anything, this trip has given me the opportunity to speak and spend time with students I don’t normally see during the school day. I would recommend the idea of going on a residential trip to students; in fact, I would really encourage them to do so, simply because it helps us socialize and disconnect from the routine.”

“Some of the activities were fun! My favourite would be the orienteering, thanks to the little freedom allowed. I did get to enjoy meeting other students as expected. So overall the trip was a sort of mixed expectations. I would recommend it to future students while considering a few improvements for next year.”

“Personally, the activity that I enjoyed the most was the one that we had to protect an egg from breaking by throwing it from a certain height. I found that activity incredibly good as we had to work as a team to create a useful artefact. I made new friends and had the opportunity to meet new people. I would recommend this trip because of the hotel, it was really nice and the rooms were comfortable and perfectly sized.”