Successful Launch of Parents Workshops

This month has seen the launch of BSB parents Workshops in Primary. Over the past two weeks we have run some well-attended sessions at both Castelldefels and Sitges campuses. Thanks to all who attended!


Raising Balanced Children in a Hyper-connected World

A fascinating, debate-provoking parents’ workshop on the subject of healthy technology use. Addressed to parents with 8-to-12-year-old children, Ms Meaghan Allen (PSHE Lead) and Mr Rodrigo Sánchez (Digital Lead) offered parents a close look at some preventative strategies as well as ways to intervene if they feel their child is experiencing the negative effects of overconsumption.

It was actually a win-win session since we had an opportunity to receive feedback on some of the specific challenges (such as with specific games and programs) parents are facing at home. This provides us with further insight into how we can educate the children to make informed and self-reflective decisions about their media use.

Some of the important messages parents were able to take away from this workshop were:

  • Be the change you would like to see in your children (through modelling healthy technology use).
  • Share your concerns openly with your children and listen to their perspectives on media use to create limits that are suitable to your lifestyle and your family.
  • Encourage your children to find a healthy balance between consuming technology and using it as a creative tool.
  • Stress the importance of in-person relationships and physical play as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle.
  • Try to refrain from techno-judgement and recognise that we are all vulnerable to the pull of our screens.


How to Manage Student iPads with Apple Classroom App

Lynsey Carr, Year 3 Teacher and eLearning Lead Teacher in a primary school in the UK, visited us this week to share her experience on teaching in a school with 1:1 iPads for the past 5 years with staff and parents of BSB. As an accredited Apple Teacher, she gave parents and children in Year 6 an amazing demonstration of how children can use iPads in the classroom to enhance their learning whilst teachers can manage and control the devices using Apple Classroom at all times.

Apple Classroom is an App designed to support teachers with iPad management in class. It allows teachers to manage access and behaviours by locking the iPad to gather the attention of the children. Apple Classroom aids teachers to support individual children, as well as designated groups. It allows the teacher to view screens of all the student iPads from their own device, this also ensures children are on task. Tasks or activities can be sent to all of the iPad devices or specific devices – which will enable personalised learning in the classroom.

Mobile learning and REAL projects will take us to next step!