BSB Pupils Connect with Cognita Classmates via ‘Cognita Calling’

On 21st November, BSB pupils took part in “Cognita Calling”, a global Skype initiative which connected more than 100 Cognita classrooms across the world. In total, 34 schools in 8 different countries got involved.

Our Primary pupils of BSB Sitges and BSB Castelldefels had the opportunity to meet up with other Cognita schools in the UK, such as Southbank International School and Hendon Prep School, and with fellow schools in Spain: TEMS in Madrid, El Limonar International School Murcia, El Limonar International School Villamartín.

Hot topics of conversation included different languages, time zones and sport, culture and religion with students also keen to find out what their peers could see outside their window.

Thank you to Tim Evans, Educational Technology Coordinator at Stamford American – Hong Kong, for organising this exciting opportunity for our students and staff to make new connections within our global family.

“Amazing Cognita Calling day with Year 4, 5, and 6 collaborating online. Thanks Tim Evans for sorting this out. Thanks to Louise Kelly, Gemma Ohanlon, Ester Grima, and Jon Coward for your help at ELIS Villamartin, ELIS Murcia, TEMS Madrid, Southbank School”, Ricardo Sánchez, Digital Leader, BSB Sitges

“It was great to organise a Cognita Calling Mystery Skype with Ottilie Bell’s class at BSB Castelldefels today”, Chris Galley, Grade 4 PYP teacher, Southbank International School

“What an experience! Today our Year 4 & 5 pupils connected to the BSB Castelldefels in Spain via Skype to find out all about school life in another country!“, Hendon Prep School

“The school was simply fizzing with excitement. Parents at Open Morning saw the power of the Cognita family”, Mrs Bell, Head of the BSB Sitges campus said

“Amazing to see Cognita Calling at large in Cognita Schools – because we are global, our day is longer! Thank you everyone. Respect for global diversity.” Simon Camby, Group Director of Education, Cognita Schools

“It’s important to reflect after a day like CognitaCalling. Tim Evans created something that went beyond collaboration between Cognita Schools – forging relationships, sharing empathy and celebrating differences. He should be very proud”, Andy Perryer, Digital Learning Adviser, Cognita Schools

“We should all be proud. Nothing more than a fine example of great teamwork with the aim of creating positive, meaningful experiences for our amazing students… and teachers!”, Tim Evans, edTech Coordinator, Stamford American International School


We hope you enjoy this montage of photographic highlights from Cognita Calling 2018.

Cognita Calling 2018 in pictures from CognitaSchools on Vimeo.

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