Cognita Spain Schools Come Together for Digital Transformation Team Workshop

On 16th November, The British School of Barcelona had the pleasure of hosting the inaugural meeting for the Digital Transformation Team Spain in the Sitges campus. This was a workshop of like-minded people from all Cognita schools in Spain with a main objective: to inspire one another to drive the development of digital literacy across the schools.

The workshop started off with a presentation by Andy Perryer, Cognita Digital Learning Adviser, where he emphasised the powerful use of technology for educational or instructional purposes.

Our Digital Lead, Ricardo Sánchez, introduced the BSB Sitges case. He shared some of his best practises in the classroom by featuring examples of activities which he carries out with his students regularly as part of the IT curriculum: From online collaborating tools, to Minecraft education, Maker activities, robotics, coding and STEAM. He also presented some amazing ways to use augmented reality in the classroom.

We had the opportunity to have two guest presenters introducing some innovative technologies to enhance teaching and learning. Bonadrone showcased some exciting educational kits for teaching IT and robotics and encouraging cross-cutting activities using drones. Their demonstration flight of 3D printed drones was applauded enthusiastically by all the attendees. LEGO Education ROBOTIX‏ presented their education solutions to provide the engaging, hands-on experience students need to explore core STEAM concepts.

A brainstorming session followed to share ideas of how technology we can use effectively in the classroom and most importantly how we can measure the success of this implementation.

Fidelma Murphy, Education Adviser and Chair of Governors, Cognita Spain, explained: “Our digital transformation leaders understand the need to ensure a smooth integration of digital learning in our schools which goes way beyond merely providing students with digital devices. They will work closely with our teams to enhance digital coaching at all of our schools. It is true that students in today’s classrooms are digital natives; however, it is a mistake to think that they are proficient in using any tool we give them. Our students must become producers rather than consumers and our digital curriculum must allow them to understand the creative design process involved. We envisage a change in our approaches to digital learning at all our Cognita schools to equip our students with the skills and mindset needed to take full advantage of the support digital learning can provide them with.”

Raimon Bustos, Head of IT, Cognita Spain, stated: “It was great having had the opportunity of bringing together people from such different backgrounds, teaching areas and expertise. We shared ideas, plans, and learnt about success cases where technology is already helping deliver and enhance education. Technology, just as it has become present and vital in almost all aspects of our lives, needs to become a natural and seamless ally to facilitate the education we deliver, never a challenge or a stopper. Our Digital Leaders will help their schools and will work together to identify how technology can help them achieve and deliver academic excellence, from enabling new interdisciplinary teaching methodologies and practices aligned with 21st Century Learning principles, to engaging our students and teachers to new teaching and learning practices and experiences. Our aim is to prepare our students so they become digitally competent citizens and provide them with the required skills for a constantly changing and rapidly evolving world.”

The workshop was well attended by key members of Cognita and Spanish schools responsible for the planning and delivering of the IT curriculum in the classroom:

Fidelma Murphy, Education Adviser and Chair of Governors, Cognita Spain

Andy Perryer, Digital Learning Adviser, Cognita

Raimon Bustos, Head of IT, Cognita Spain

Heather Bell, Head of the BSB Sitges campus

Emma Overton, Head of Early Years and Primary, BSB Castelldefels

Victor Pozo, IT Lead, The B

Ricardo Sánchez, Digital Leader, BSB Sitges

Ottilie Bell, STEAM Lead, BSB Castelldefels

Darin Rodgers, SIMS Lead and Data Processor, BSB Castelldefels

Edward Kelly, ICT teacher, BSB Castelldefels

Anton Robinson, El Limonar International School

Catherine Saunders, El Limonar International School

Margaret Marshall, VIL Teacher, El Limonar International School

Carmela Jones, Hastings School, Madrid

David O Connor, Hastings School, Madrid

Alvaro Ramos, The English Montessori School (TEMS), Madrid