BSB Alumni Mentor Current Students

Ten BSB Alumni joined us for our 10th BSB Spanish Universities Fair at BSB Nexus on Wednesday.

Flavia, Claudia, Ramon, Mireia, Judith and Elena supported their universities by running a stand and informing students of The International British School of Barcelona the offer of the undergraduate courses providing first-hand experience and recommendations.

Lluís, Ainoa, Sole, Sara (and also Flavia) participated in the first Q&A panel with current Year 12 students. It was a great addition to the Fair since students had the opportunity to enquiry about their own interests and concerns: how to make career and subject choices, what to look forward and other aspects of everyday university life.

BSB Alumni explained how different student’s life is when in university, how necessary it is to be independent, organised, able to think critically and make own decisions. They recommended students to make the most of their time for these last two years in school and to get well-prepared for the future ahead.

Mr Woodruff, BSB Alumni Lead, moderated the session and emphasised the need to work hard and “live the experience as the best days of your life; a time you will always look back on with longing.”

Work and enjoy: the two main tips of the session. We can’t agree more!