Year 11 Visit BSB Nexus to get ready for their Pre-University Experience


On 13th February, Year 11 families had a unique opportunity to learn together about the exciting options that lie ahead for students when moving to The British School of Barcelona BSB Nexus for Pre-University education: A Levels, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Spanish homologation, personalised university guidance, social & personal development core programme… A truly global Pre-University experience to be world ready.

The revamped Year 11 Options Fair was a great success, with over a hundred attendees with a keen interest to start thinking of the educational pathways for the following two years, largely A Levels or IB.

The evening started off with a presentation by Mr Petrie, Head of Secondary and Pre-University. He described this decision-making process as an additional step in the journey Year 11 students already started some time ago, through assemblies, universities presentations and fairs, mock exams and tutoring, to name but a few. Mr Petrie emphasised the importance of exploring options and career choices in time with no pressure, and reassured students of the possibility to make changes and even swap subjects later on. Current Year 12 Fredrik, one of the BSB scholars, wrapped up the session by sharing a few pieces of advice based on personal experience; a powerful peer-to-peer mentorship to help students keep on track.

The introduction was followed by programme-specific information sessions led by Mr Musson (A Levels) and Mrs Kovac (IB Diploma). There was also an opportunity to meet specialist subject leaders to go over the contents of the curriculum at this advanced stage of education.

Prospective families looking for a international school in Spain were also invited to attend and discuss the different programs and tour the facilities of our state-of-the-art BSB Nexus Pre-University campus.

Although the “Fair” was expected to last for two hours, informal one-to-one meetings were still ongoing one hour later. This productive evening gave parents and children a clearer picture of what will be expected and what to look forward to, and the overall positive feedback is testimony to the outstanding mentoring approach followed by the BSB school team.