Elevate Education Delivers High Impact Revision Skills Day for BSB GCSE Students

Last Tuesday The British School of Barcelona held a Revision Skills Day for students in Years 10 and 11 at BSB Castelldefels. Key Stage 4 is a critical period where students prepare for their GCSE exams and The British School need to provide them with the skills and knowledge they will need to successfully progress to A Levels or IB, onto university and, eventually, into employment. Therefore, learning how to revise and making most of their study time becomes a key factor in this road to success.

This Study Skills programme of The British School of Barcelona was delivered in partnership with Elevate Education, a UK company with extensive experience in running “short, sharp, targeted sessions which are designed to achieve behavioural change amongst students”. As they say “It isn’t enough that students simply understand what they need to do in their study: the challenge in any study skills programme is getting students to use and apply the skills they learn.”

The high impact seminar covered many different skills: from time management, to study timetables, how to gauge motivation and tips for preparation excellence before and during the exam.

In terms of Time Management, Joe, Elevate’s presenter, stressed the importance of managing the overwhelming volume of study and workload by focusing on tasks, rather than time. He recommended creating a study planner where “they could break down their subjects into a series of specific tasks that can be ticked off a list and provide them with a clear sense of progress”. He also gave tips on how to determine specific priorities, create a weekly plan, deal with non-required tasks and beat procrastination. He also emphasised the usefulness of the study groups.

Motivation was one of the key questions during the Parent Seminars which took place right after the school day. Bringing in parents into assisting their children constructively during this period is essential to build up trust, increase their accountability, take responsibility and maximise their marks. Whilst motivating children can be difficult, Elevate highlighted the importance of working as a team to set a specific goal, that is, an interest in what they would like to do once they leave school: “Once they have a goal, it is much easier for them to focus because their study is put into the context of achieving something greater than say, their homework. This can be achieved through exposing them to open days at universities, deeper information in an area of interest that they hold, or introducing them to someone who is in the field they’re interested in”.

Participants showed a deep interest in the many topics covered during the workshop, including handling distracting technology, controlling versus self-regulating behaviour and managing stress.


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