Two Year 13 students enter the visual poem Womanhood: No Limits, No Labels into a University of Cambridge contest


The British School of Barcelona has had the opportunity of participating in a fantastic initiative from the Cambridge University Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages.

For the first time this year, the Faculty of MML has organised a Creative Talent Show and an Academic Work Contest with the goal of promoting the Catalan language and Philology in general. Over five hundred students from schools in Valencia and Catalonia took part in it and all their artistic projects have already been published for people to vote for them.

Representing BSB, Clara and Anna, Year 13 students at BSB Nexus, have entered a creative video they had produced themselves, titled La dona amb totes les possibilitats del ser (Womanhood: No Limits, No Labels).

Their Catalan Language teacher, Ms Anna Martínez, said about this project: “Every work of art contains a certain mystique. This one is no exception, even though I was fortunate enough to witness first-hand how these girls, who have yet to finish secondary school, got themselves organised, spurred each other on, worked out any differences and, most impressively, rallied to stand up for freedom of speech and artistic expression in their dialogue with the University of Cambridge. We would like to thank the university for allowing us to make our voices heard in our language and for stoking our creativity.”

The videos can be watched on the website created by the University of Cambridge for this very initiative. Clara and Anna’s video is the ninth one.


Watch video: La dona amb totes les possibilitats del ser