BSB & Cognita Students Worldwide Tackle Energy Poverty

The British School of Barcelona and 50 Cognita schools worldwide joined together to do their bit to light up the world on Friday 29th March.

Cognita ‘Light Up Learning’ Day was a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of poverty and air pollution across different parts of the world. During this global event BSB students and Cognita students around the world assembled some 2,500 solar lights (a form of renewable energy) to be donated to children living in energy poverty.

During the ‘Light Up Learning’ day, our students ran a whole-school non-uniform day to fundraise and cover the cost of the SolarBuddy light bulbs bought for the occasion. The BSB participated with 140 lightbulbs and all students and staff of all campuses dressed in white or bright yellow to light up the BSB for this exciting occasion!

Throughout the day students assembled some SolarBuddy lights in their classes and took part in other STEM related activities to support their learning about energy poverty and to raise awareness of different parts of the world and the difficult living conditions many people face. They also wrote letters to the children in Papua New Guinea who will receive their lights.

Thank you to Lisa Reid, Librarian at St. Andrews International School, Dusit for organising this year’s event. Commenting on the initiative, Lisa said: “This is the second year Cognita has partnered with SolarBuddy to support children around the world afflicted by energy poverty. Together we more than doubled our inaugural groupwide donation of solar lights!”

“A groundbreaking, fundraising, innovating, lifesaving, energy saving, amazing day! We have teamed up with other Cognita schools around the globe for the Light Up Learning SolarBuddy initiative and we have raised lots of money by wearing our ‘bright’ clothing for school today!”, Emma Overton, Head of Early Years and Primary at BSB Castelldefels.

All in all, it was a memorable “Light Up Learning” project which promoted collaboration, intercultural understanding, scientific activity and respect for the environment.



Light Up Learning 2019 from CognitaSchools on Vimeo.


About SolarBuddy

SolarBuddy is a registered charity dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation to change the lives of children living in energy poverty: It does this through its innovative school education and corporate engagement programmes. You can find more information about SolarBuddy project in the video below.


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