Inspiring our German and History students in Berlin

On Saturday 27th April, 39 students from Year 10 and 4 staff set off for Berlin on the German and History trip. Miss Rebecca Klys tells us all about this fantastic and enriching experience!

“After a quick visit to our hotel, we set off on foot along the Spree to the Oberbaumbrücke (a former check point), passing by some impressive murals, and on to the Soviet War Memorial in Treptower Park. On the following days, we visited several museums and land marks including the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz. We also had a fantastic guided tour of the Jewish Museum and an informative bike tour, which focused on the Berlin Wall and its history.

Two of the staff members lived in Berlin for several years and so we were able to show students around the city by foot and on the U-Bahn. We were also able to take students to some great areas for lunch, giving them a more authentic experience in the city. Some students used this opportunity to practise their German, while others commented on the cool and relaxed atmosphere in Berlin and tried out popular cuisine, including the Döner, Falafel im Brot, Fritz-Kola and Club-Mate (with mixed reviews!).

All-in-all a very successful trip, which has hopefully inspired our German and History students as they approach their final year of study towards their GCSEs.”