BSB Raises Awareness of Protecting the Environment on World Environment Day

World Environment day falls on Wednesday 5th June. It is the United Nation’s dedicated day to raise awareness of the issues affecting the environment and to educate the public on what they can do to protect the natural world.

Using this day as the central focus point, the Cognita Community launched a global initiative aimed at educating the next generation on human interaction with the environment and its negative impacts (such as global warming and plastic pollution) and arming the next generation with the information and practical skills they need to conserve our natural world.

For the past few days Cognita schools worldwide have been participating in a number of different activities. The British School of Barcelona has contributed to this goal across all phases:


BSB Sitges led another successful Beach Cleaning activity for Years 2 and 5. This action-packed day saw practical and tangible efforts by pupils related to their curriculum: ‘Explore, Rescue, Protect’ and ‘Planet Earth’.

At BSB Castelldefels Primary school children were encouraged to wear green on the day. They managed to raise a whopping 370.50 euros which Year 2 will donate to an environmental cause of their choosing.

At BSB Castelldefels Secondary school students in Year 8 French lessons worked on making posters to promote an “Environmentally friendly lunchbox”, describing foods and steps to take to ensure that we reduce the amount of waste we create. Students worked on the vocabulary for food and environment (vocabulary sheets, quizzes, etc.) in French in order to create their poster.

Also, different year groups in Geography designed campaigns to reduce pollution and raise awareness of climate change, including some Year 8s making geography versions of well-known boardgames (work in progress!) and some Year 10s decorating some masks to raise awareness about air pollution and climate change as a whole.

English students across Key Stage 3 analysed a thought-provoking cartoon challenging those who denied the evidence for climate change. They then used this text as a stimulus for their own creative writing. Some wrote poems about the environment whilst others wrote narratives from the perspectives of the creatures most affected by climate change. A lot of fun was had by all!


Sophie Hickzy, Communications Officer at Cognita Schools said: “Thank you to everyone for sharing your World Environment Day activities with us here within the community and on social. We have loved seeing what you and your students have been doing to raise awareness of climate change. Thank you also to Nina Hamilton from Hydesville Tower School for coordinating and championing the group-wide activities that so many of our schools took part in. A World Environment Day to remember I think!”