BSB Sitges Begins the “Share a Story Around the World” 2019 edition

The British School of Barcelona is very excited with the new edition of “Share a Story Around the World”, a creative, collaborative, student-led project within the Cognita family. This year Mr Joe Woodhouse, a poet and literacy support teacher at BSB Sitges, is leading on the creative writing element of the project, which is expected to be bigger and better than last year, with over 20 schools across the network collaborating.

We have spoken with Mr Woodhouse to learn more about what to expect of this year’s edition:

What’s the main purpose of the project?

“The ‘Share a Story Around the World’ is an initiative that brings together inspirational creative writing from across the panoply of schools within the Cognita network. Last year, Fiona Ritson, from Colchester High School in the UK curated and co-ordinated a stunning piece of work that was written collaboratively by 17 Cognita schools.”

What is this year’s story about?

“We want to create a story centred around a magic lift that can take you anywhere, anywhen. With this quite simple narrative framework, the idea is to unleash the imaginations of the students, whilst keeping the flow of the story easy to continue.

In our story, this magic lift transports two students, a brother and sister, through a series of worlds and time periods that our students dream up. The main theme of the story is how “the things about ourselves that we perceive as challenges can become superpowers”. For example, Lyla, the main character, has just been diagnosed with dyslexia, which means that she has difficulties in a classroom environment, but can flourish in terms of things like creative problem solving.”

How have the characters been chosen?

“With growing awareness around the globe about children’s health, both physical and mental, we’d like to add to this conversation and have ‘wellbeing’ as a running theme throughout the story. To this end, our two main characters have difficulties (that can of course become strengths) of their own.”

How does the project work?

“Each week, a chapter of the story is written by one school, then passed on to the next, ultimately ending in an action packed, truly global tale that the students can cherish, be proud of, and be emboldened by to do other great things with their lives. The tale is then printed, published and distributed to every school involved.”

Has the 2019 project started?

“Yes, BSB Sitges has begun the story, which was written by students in Year 5, and has already been passed on to the next school involved.”



About the Share a Story Around the World Project 2018

Sameera and Javier’s Cog-tastic Adventure’ was the first book of the project, a scintillating story that followed characters Javier and Sameera through a series of (beautifully written) trials across the globe.

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