BSB Alumni Network Celebrates its First Anniversary

On Friday, 14th June, we had another emotional reunion with former students from The British School of Barcelona. (See video below)

Since the launch of the BSB Alumni Network exactly one year to this date, the number of BSB graduates that have reconnected with the school has kept growing. Throughout the school year, several BSB Alumni, whether professionals or university students, from different fields of activity have visited our classrooms to share their expertise and career experience with our students. From marketing and communications professionals to medicine, engineering and business students, including a virtual reality expert, are some of the BSB Alumni that have already participated in this year’s Programme of Activities!

The BSB Alumni Reunion 2019 was a great opportunity for students who graduated ten, eight, five years ago, or maybe last year, to celebrate the achievements of this still young network together, and to reconnect with those who could not attend due to previous professional commitments but still sent their greetings from different parts of the world (London, Lisbon, Berlin…) and were eager to collaborate in the future:

“If you ever need someone to help students get into TOK, you can always hit me up!” Electronic Engineer

“I certainly hope to be involved in future events.” Analyst, Programmes & Innovation

“Look forward to future events and talks and do let me know if I can be of any assistance.” Investment Banking Analyst

“I would be more than happy to pop by and talk about my experience.” Computer Science with Management

In his welcome speech, Mr Alan Woodruff, BSB Alumni Link, commented: “Many cannot be with us today, but it is clearly an idea that appeals to past students as we are seeing the registration of graduates from BSB grow in number from all over the world. We have with us students that graduated from BSB eight, nine, and even ten years ago. It is fantastic how this service is meeting its objective and keeping us together.”

This year’s reunion, which has already become an annual summer event to look forward to, set off with a moving farewell to Mrs Janice Serra, our current Deputy Head of Pastoral in Secondary, who is retiring after 43 years of service. Being able to meet up with so many BSB graduates expressing their best wishes for this new chapter of her life was, undoubtedly, one of the evening’s most touching moments.

The attendees were then off to socialise, catch up, enjoy some tasty food and refreshments. The photos speak for themselves.

We are very excited with the planning of activities for next year and all BSB Alumni are very welcome to join!



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