All Year 10 Students to Enjoy The International Award

The International Award (or The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award) is here to stay! With 10-years of history, a team of 16 devoted staff and more than 500 students trained by now, the BSB is taking The Award to the extra mile this year.

Proudly delivering The Award in the Bronze and Silver levels, this school year the BSB aims at equipping all Year 10 students with skills and values which will last for a lifetime. As it is, around 100 14-year-old students will receive the formal Bronze Award training during their tutor sessions and will then be able to decide if they want to enter The Award or not.

Since 1956 The Award has inspired millions of young people around the world to transform their lives. At present The Award is delivered in more 141 countries and territories.

On the occasion of the presentation of the Award to Year 10 parents this week, we have talked to Mr Bower, BSB Award Coordinator:

How long has the BSB been running this programme?

We set up The Award in 2007 with a Bronze group of 18 students. After the success of Bronze, we introduced Silver in 2013. The Award has been very popular in the school and has grown year after year. Last year we had over 100 students taking part and we are expecting similar numbers this year.

And how long have you been coordinating it? Are you the only coordinator?

When Emma Nuttall left for Mexico in 2010, I took over the running of The Award. Since then we have trained many more staff to become part of The Award. I am The Award Coordinator and have a fantastic team of 4 Award Leaders and 8 Supervisors and Assessors that support the students on their expeditions. As part of my role I believe it is important to share our success with The Award, so recently BSB Castelldefels hosted an international training course for over 30 other Award Leaders and Supervisors from around the world.

Of all the skills and values which are developed and enthused in participants, which would you highlight as the most valuable for their future life and career?

Of The Award´s 10 guiding principles (Individual, Non-competitive, Achievable, Voluntary, Development, Balanced, Progressive, Inspiration, Persistence and Enjoyable), I put huge importance on the individual – giving them control of their own Award and the destiny of their own future! However, in our busy, modern lives, the most important value is enjoyment. Enjoyment of helping others, learning new skills, being fit and appreciating the outdoors.

BSB Primary students started their Forest School journey last year. Do you think these children will potentially enter the International Award when they get to Year 10?

I hope that the Forest School has inspired them to take note of their environment and consider their impact on the world. These students will be looking forward to continuing their journey in Secondary school. We are lucky that many of our expedition supervisors are teachers in Primary and so understand the philosophy of The Award.


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