BSB Breaks Guinness World Record

We are happy to announce that the Guinness World Records Organisation has verified the BSB World Record involving 1,303 participants hopping on one leg simultaneously during the celebration of our first Cognita Global Be Well Day on 27th September 2019:

Guinness World Record
Most people hopping on one leg simultaneously

We would like to thank everyone, students, parents and staff, for making this possible. This record is an achievement of the whole BSB community joining together for a common goal and is a milestone in the history of BSB and Cognita, which will help us raise the profile of our collective commitment on mental health and wellbeing as a global family.


Cognita Global Be Well Day 

Our Global Be Well Day was indeed an exciting day. But the most important thing is what happens in our classrooms, what happens in our playgrounds, in our work with our families throughout the year. Global Be Well Day will become an annual reminder of the priority we place on equipping young people with the confidence and resourcefulness that prepares them to grow, thrive and be successful in the very complex and changing world that we live in today.


Opportunities for personal growth

At The British School of Barcelona we provide students with the opportunities, support and challenge to grow as individuals and to become successful young citizens. We hope that being part of a World Record will demonstrate to our students that if they have a dream, they can achieve it.

We invite you to watch the video as a celebration of this huge community achievement.


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