“Riddle Rooms”, an innovative student-led Integrated Learning Project

bsb-year-7-integrated-learning-project-riddle-room.JPG (4)

In December, the Secondary Humanities department, involving History, Geography, Sociales and ICT, organised an innovative learning activity led by Year 7 students. This Integrated Learning Project (ILP) was the end product of a term’s work, based around ‘The Past’, as the final project exhibition open to parents.

This term’s Year 7 ILP consisted in the design of an escape room on their chosen topic. These included the contenders to the English throne in 1066, Ancient Egypt and Neolithic Spain. Working in groups of approximately 20 students, each team designed a series of riddles and puzzles, encouraging problem solving to enhance learning about their topic. They guided and presented their rooms on the evening in three languages, with one team working in the actual riddle room and the others on the process of learning room.

The aim of the activity was for students to explore the links between Humanities subjects in cross-curricular projects and work together to create a fun, challenging way of applying skills to knowledge. It was also an opportunity to present independently to parents in a way that would allow them to actively participate in their children’s learning.

It was a very successful initiative, which students thoroughly enjoyed. Year 7 Oscar said that “It’s a feeling that you will never experience again, as it was both fun and creative”. Maria also said: “The best part was inviting all the parents to take part in this huge project that we had designed and watching them trying to complete the puzzles we had made”.

History teacher Ms Crane, who led on this term’s project, said, “The students amazed me with their creativity and came up with some really fun, quite challenging puzzles. They came out of the project with real depth of historical knowledge, particularly about the key battles. Studying the history of riddles gave them the background they needed to be original in their thinking.”

Integrated Learning Projects allow teachers to co-plan an innovative series of lessons, integrating key skills and knowledge across different subjects. Lessons take place in the new Learning Resources Centre (LRC), a flexible learning space for teamwork.

The Spring term’s ILP will be led by the Geography team and will be based on ‘The Present’ topic. The Summer term’s ILP will focus on ‘The Future’ led by ICT.

We are all looking forward to them!