Tim Willcox, Renowned British Journalist for the BBC, Keynote Speaker at BSB Nexus


Tim Willcox, a renowned BBC journalist, was the keynote guest speaker at the presentation organised by The British School of Barcelona on Friday 14th February for Pre-University students. The goal of this session was to give students a first-hand look at the profile of a professional in the Journalism and Media industry, the profession’s reality and its new requirements for the digital age.

This event was part of the school’s Careers and Futures Guidance programme, which aims to prepare students to be able to choose the best university and degree to match their interests and talents, with all the information needed about career opportunities, thus creating a connection between their education and the job market.

Willcox talked about his lengthy professional experience, reviewing the most notable situations he has had to report throughout the years, to over 40 Pre-University students interested in the Journalism, Media, Political Sciences and History sectors at BSB Nexus, BSB Pre-University campus. Through different scenarios, the BBC reporter shared with the students the essential skills required to face the complex process of communication: “In this profession, the most important thing is to tell a story that conveys individual real experiences. This is why we need to get to the heart of the story, structure it and condense it, without losing its essence, to make it clear to a wider audience.



He also talked about what the media is going through right now, with the rise in popularity of new technologies and social media as new channels and sources of information, which have implied a substantial change in both how people consume and create contents, and redefined the profile of communicators, tools and media to meet the demands of the new trends. “It is an exciting career, often stressful, where you have to work fast, sometimes in uncomfortable situations, and need to know how to adapt yourself and work as a team; this is crucial”, he added.

The session provided very relevant, first-hand information about a career in constant change, and was both inspiring and instructive for those students willing to explore this career as a professional choice.



Careers and Futures Guidance Programme
The Careers and Futures Guidance programme is part of the Pre-University curriculum of BSB Nexus, the new Pre-University campus for 16-to-18-year-old students in Castelldefels.

Led by a University and Careers Counsellor specialised in career opportunities and the correspondence with university degrees and both national and international destinations, the programme is specifically designed to help students make informed decisions about their professional future, including an individualised mentoring service and a wide range of activities throughout the year where prominent speakers, professionals from different sectors and experts from universities all around the world participate. It also includes an Annual University Fair with over 40 international and local universities, among others.