10 Ways to Have Fun and Learn while Out on your Walk

As children under 14 are being allowed to go out for a one-hour walk a day since Sunday, the Forest School team of The British School of Barcelona have put together a super engaging Top Ten List of Ideas to make the most of our time outdoors!

  1. Make a scavenger hunt
    Write a list of things to look for, notice and find before you go out.
  2. Sound hunt
    Listen to the soundscape you hear outside. There are no aeroplanes. Can you hear more birds? Why is this? Does it change how you perceive distance?
  3. Nature Rubbings
    A fun way to talk about nature is to do some crayon rubbings on things that are outside.
  4. Go on a bug/hunt
    Keep your eyes peeled for sharp movement or flashes of colour in the leaves and on the ground.
  5. Collect different shades of green
    Spring is in full flow now. The leaves have many different fresh shades of green and shapes.
  6. Collect and Dissect
    Go out and collect acorns, spring flowers, and leaves, take photos and make a collage or bring the home and look inside them.
  7.  Gather “treasures” for an art project
    Create land art.
  8. Turn your walk into an obstacle course
    Jump over those cracks in the sidewalk. Run a circle around the bench. Touch that tree. Run fast, STOP! These are all ways to turn a simple walk into a listening and tiring activity.
  9. I spy with my little eye…
    I spy the letter S. I spy something red. I spy something yellow. The possibilities are endless!
  10. What does that sign mean?
    As you walk past any type of sign, road sign or information sign, ask children what they think the sign might mean. This helps develop critical thinking skills as well as familiarize your kids with the world around them.


Final Tips:
Fun, Safety and Respect

However, the most important part of any walk is to have fun, while staying safe and respecting the temporary rules for being outside in the outdoor space we share with other families.


By Ms O’Connor and Ms Satchel, BSB Forest School Leaders



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