“Isolation” Photo Contest: A Visual Self-Reflection of COVID-19 Confinement

In March the Art department of The British School of Barcelona launched a photography competition for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to turn our current situation into a source of creativity.

Based on the theme of ISOLATION, students were asked to think not only about the restrictions placed upon them due to this isolation, but also how they have overcome and embraced the situation:

Have they had to be more resourceful and creative in their day to day life?

Can they see beauty in their surroundings that they previously took for granted?

How has their relationship with their family and pets changed?

With an unprecedented number of 155 participants, all the entries can now be enjoyed by the wider audience as an online photo gallery. The remarkable response to the Art team’s call is testimony to the extraordinary visual creativity and artist skills displayed by our students.


The Winners


First Prize: Lillah (Year 8)


Second Prize: Juliia (Year 9)


Third Prize: Andreey (Year 9)


Jury: Mr Perrin, Head of Art, Mr Laud, Art teacher, and Mr Cicero, Art Teacher


See the Finalists



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