Top 10 Ideas and Advice when Exercising Outdoors

As children (and adults soon too) are able to do some sports outdoors after many weeks of confinement, we have asked the Mr Cross, Head of Sports of The British School of Barcelona, for some recommendations to stay safe and injury-free after such a long period of inactivity. This is his top 10 list of ideas & advice for children when exercising outdoors to maximise the enjoyment of this hour of freedom outside of the home:

  1. Warm-up first!
    5 minutes should be fine with a light pulse raiser, some mobility and dynamic stretches – It sounds a little silly but if you were to pull or tear a muscle then it would stop you from going out for a few days!
  2. Plan out your route
    Up to 1km from your house, so you know what and where you can go, to avoid any issues!
  3. Plan some other activities that you could not do at home
    Change it up, you were able to do the WOD´s and other forms of exercises at home (and still can), so it’s important that you change it up – Roller-Skating or cycling are great-but wear a helmet!
  4. Drink before you go out
    You cannot take snacks or drinks out so hydrate before and then after.
  5. Keep the distance
    Stick to the guidelines on social distancing.
  6. Leave the dog
    This is a time for you and your family to be out and about and engage with the environment once again. I am sure the dog has had plenty of walks!!!
  7. Wash your hands
    You may have touched or come into contract with items (walls / paths / barriers, etc) that need to be washed off. The guidance is clear, and you don’t want to bring anything back home.
  8. Do a Sporty video or a Dance
    Practice at home now, then select a favourite place, dance and record and then send it into us!
  9. Exercise as you walk
    You can do different exercises such as some lunges or squats or even skipping! Just don’t overdo it too soon – build up!
  10. Smile – make some else’s day
    It’s free and we have all missed seeing others in person. Whilst it’s not good to ´High 5´ someone, a smile will let them know you care about them and their health and wellbeing too.

And finally…

Remember that this is only an hour to enjoy with your families outdoors, so make the most of it and have fun!


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