Y12 Max Wins “From my Window” Cognita Global Competition


With every Cognita school in the family now educating their students online, the Group launched the Cognita Global Competitions, a series of optional student competitions designed to provide our students with an opportunity to connect and share their creative flair across the organisation.

One of these was “From my Window” competition, a student portrayal of what they see from their window. This could be in poetry, prose, a visual, musical or digital representation.

Our talented Maximilian in Year 12 chose to create a song in his English class and Mr Burns, our BSB Wellbeing Mentor, entered it to the competition, which saw entries from schools from across the world.

Two weeks later Max became the Winner of the Senior category!

Congratulations, Max! Your song is beautiful, and was a worthy winner of the first prize!


Maximilian, Year 12

“In our English class, we were asked to do a creative piece of writing about the quarantine and lockdown procedure. I decided to write a song and one day I began to feel inspired, the ideas were rushing to my head. I was driven by the idea that every bad thing, every obstacle in life has a bright side. The message that I wanted to send through the song is that we must fight through the challenges and that we must focus on the bright side of things in order to feel accomplished and happier.”


Ms Beth Kerr, Cognita’s Global Director of Wellbeing

“It was absolute privilege to listen to your song and read the lyrics. I think, like all great music, it will help others – your peers, find the words to describe how they might be feeling right now, but are not able to express! Keep up the good work Maximillian – you really are one talented young man and a credit to Mr Burns and your school. Take care of yourself and thank you again for your truly wonderful song.”




Wake up again its just another day now

Gotta stay in when im used to staying out

I feel like being productive but im just laying down

I feel like I can’t no more im going to say it loud


I want to see the sun but it rains now

The ceiling and the ground now is my main crowd

The pencil and the paper gets my pain out

My mind and the media screaming man down


On the edge of insanity

Beginning of infinity

Im calling my psychologist

Im falling like economy

I think about you being with me

Im feeling this affinity

ain’t gonna happen silly me

Please just end this misery


Its just another day feeling closed up

I tired of this monotony on non-stop

I wish that at this moment I could go back

I wish that time could speed up and just roll past


tired of this routine everyday is the same

Its like a dejavú over and over again

Everyday is a loop beginning till the end

Every wall in my house begins to feel like a fence


And im missing all my friends

The weekends and the games

The love the fun the pain

The joy the laugh the shame

The purposes the aims

The wind the clouds the rain

The parties, school and even

When a normal day begins


Its just another day feeling closed up

I tired of this monotony on non-stop

I wish that at this moment I could go back

I wish that time could speed up and just roll past

Its just another day feeling closed up

I tired of this monotony on non-stop

I wish that at this moment I could go back




But today I woke up and something’s different

I was feeling magnificent no more feeling diffident

I Stopped for a moment every thought of indifference

I heard the angel whispering


Saying this could last forever

its bad but however

Theres a bright side whatsoever

Got to improve its now or never

Stay at home but stand together

Use your time wisely be clever

Work hard start getting better

Strike for greatness great endeavor


And I thought that he was right

Every darkness brings a light

There is more clarity on the sky

Theres more animals and life

Theres more stars to see at night

For a downfall brings a rise

Theres more time to exercise

Learn create and improvise


Maximize your productivity

Enjoy every activity

Enhance you creativity

Develop new abilities


So stand up from your bed get away

Start to do your passion and If you can’t find the way

Work harder every day never be afraid

What you do is not in vain so continue don’t complain

There will be a time and the moment to obtain

the world continues and we’ll see who took the pain


But kept fighting, stood up and made no excuses

The one that learns and not abandones when he loses

The one that chooses what he want and he produces

The one that uses his chances and never refuses


Cause its just another day feeling closed up

But this time ill keep working going non-stop

I know that you may want time to just roll past

But we can’t change it so we got to work hard



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