280 BSB Students, Parents and Teachers Join Cognita Home Games

On 18th-22nd May, 280 students, teachers and families from The British School of Barcelona joined over 10,000 students from Cognita schools around the world to take part in the inaugural Cognita Home Games.

Sport is acknowledged the world over for improving health and happiness, and this virtual Olympics-style global lockdown competition achieved the desired effect to bring school communities together during school closures.

From frog jumps and sock rolls to press-ups and dribbling challenges, there were fitness and skills tests for all age groups to enjoy as part of a global effort to promote physical activity and wellbeing during Covid-19 as many countries continue in lockdown or other social restrictions. With 78 schools and thousands of students around the world, Cognita was well placed to stage a global competition of this kind for families.

Team BSB won an amazing 2,223 medals in total: 1,167 gold; 621 silver; and 435 bronze. In addition, BSB formed part of Team Europe, which won both the highest score and the highest participation trophies across the three regions within Cognita.

Congratulations to everyone taking part in this successful virtual event! 

The origin of the Cognita Home Games

Director of Sport and Physical Education at BSB, Mr Cross, was one of the key members of the organisation of the Games.

Where did the initiative come from and how did it evolve?

“The Cognita Home Games was the first of its kind across the Cognita schools. The idea for this event came through a conversation I had initiated between myself and a few colleagues in the UK. We were discussing the initial impact of the quarantine lockdown on children and family health, on their wellbeing, and how to link this to their PE & Sport opportunities that now were lost and also to school sporting competitions, with Sports Days across the globe being cancelled.

We felt we needed to try to find some way to collaborate so that we could put at least something on for our school communities. The idea for a few small events that children could compete in and take part live with one another was the way we decided to go, and so the Cognita Home Games was created! After 5 very productive, fun and developmental weeks of planning, we set the dates and competed around the globe, the rest is now history!”

How do you feel after such massive success at the first attempt?

“I feel a great sense of pride in what was achieved in such a short space of time, from a simple conversation. A real joy in the process and working with such amazing colleagues and also a relief that not only did it work, but also became such a huge success, with over 10,000 people participating and increasing their fitness and wellbeing in the process!

There were so many medals won by our BSB community, everyone that participated has been emailed their personalised certificates, with some exceptional effort and additional certificates sent to those who we can see have gone the ´extra-mile´ and deserve to be recognised for this. These special certificates will be also presented when we return to school!

Which was your favourite challenge?

My favourite event was the Press-up challenge, but I also did attempt the whole event in one go!

Anything else that you would like to add?

I would very much like to thank my BSB PE colleagues from Primary and Secondary both at BSB Castelldefels and BSB Sitges for the time and dedication in aiming to get their classes to participate in this event, we didn’t make this compulsory, so they did amazing job to get so many children and parents involved in this event. Thanks again for all of the support.