Secondary Students Become Romantic Painters

Creativity at its best is one of the good things that confinement has brought with it.

In an effort to engage students into screen-free activities and motivate them with tasks that boost creativity and positive emotions, the English Secondary department launched a creative task in response to learning about the Romantic Movement in English Literature.

The outcome was an impressive set of lovely Romanticism paintings by some students in Year 11, who are currently preparing to move into Pre-University education at BSB Nexus in September.

Mrs Petrie, Head of KS3 English, said, “I think it really demonstrates the breadth and cross-curricular aspects of our pre-Nexus bridging courses, which have also been very interesting to teach, combined with the excellent materials teachers put together.”

Ms Ríos, teacher of English, further explained, “Essentially, in the bridging course we’re looking at different literary movements and so far we’ve looked at the Renaissance, Romanticism and the Gothic doing a range of research, analytical and creative tasks for each movement. They will then be looking at Modernism and Realism.”

Beautiful artwork for one of the most overtly emotional literary movements.


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