BSB Alumni Join BSB Nexus Transition Week

It was great to see again so many faces this week during the BSB Nexus Pre-University Transition Week!

Welcoming BSB Alumni back in school is great. Unfortunately, the current situation has not made it possible for us to reunite them all in our annual Summer Reunion this year. However, we have been lucky enough to have them join us virtually to share their experience in University with our future graduates.

On Wednesday Mrs Catherine Burns, our BSB University and Career Counsellor, organised a series of online Q&A Panels with BSB Alumni currently studying in university. Our students could choose the one they preferred to attend based on their future choices:

  • UK University Panel
    with Jethro, Claudia, Rabi and Maria
  • Dutch University Panel
    with Manuel and Christian
  • Spanish University Panel
    with Ainhoa, Carlota, Ariadna, Flavia and Natalia

In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, former BSB students shared what their life is like at present, the importance of working hard during the first year not to get dismissed, the do’s and don’ts, and advised Pre-University students not to feel overwhelmed, prepare to be flexible, learn to work independently, since they will be solely responsible at the end of the day, and be ready to go through so many different emotions while in university.


BSB Alumni Lucas – Guest Speaker

“What is life like at a US University and How I secured a Sports Scholarship”

BSB Alumni Lucas, graduated in 2019, also gave a live talk to current Year 11, 12 and 13 students. As a Pre-University student he was brilliant academically, but he also excelled in sports. This is how entered Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (USA) to study Aeronautical Engineering with a sports soccer scholarship.

Lucas explained how important it is to have a routine that keeps you on your toes all the time, how you are supposed to be very independent and learn where you have to focus to improve, the importance of achieving good grades even if you play for the university team because sports is not everything and if you fail, you get kicked off the team. And most importantly, he said that talent is important, but compromise and hard work is the basis to succeed.

A final recommendation for future Year 12 students was to start preparing for their future soon, even if it might look years ahead: “The most important thing is not running out of time. Start preparing. Start investigating.”



All the way from University College London (UCL)

BSB Alumni Neila and Sasha also shared their experience in university with our future graduates. Mrs Burns visited them in London back in February and recorded some videos for this special Transition Week. They both are currently studying at University College London: Sasha doing his first year of Architecture and Neila in her second year of European Social and Political Studies. It was great to see they are doing so well!


BSB Alumni at La Salle Barcelona

Every year our Year 11 students visit La Salle to learn more about their undergraduate courses. This year the session ran online and BSB Alumni currently studying there were the perfect ambassadors of their university!


A final note from Mrs Burns…

“A huge thank you to all the BSB Alumni for sharing their insight and experiences about university life to students in BSB Nexus this week. This included over 110 students attending across the 4 Q&A sessions about life at Spanish, UK, US and Dutch universities.  The peer to peer conversations are so invaluable in supporting our Pre-University students to make informed decisions about their future learning pathway.”



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