BSB Teaching Staff Continues their training thanks to Cognita Spain Webinars

The overnight transition from the classroom setting to the virtual environment due to the mandatory closure of schools in mid-March implied a change in the teaching and learning system for everyone. But learning did not stop at The British School of Barcelona. And neither did the Continuous Professional Development of our teaching staff.

As part of a large educational international group, our teachers had the opportunity to continue their training thanks to a series of webinars offered by Cognita Spain during lockdown. Delivered by expert colleagues, our team could acquire new knowledge and share best practice in a variety of teaching and learning areas, such as gamification (“Micro-gamification with educational breakouts”, delivered by ELIS Murcia and BSV), digital health (“Salud digital para docentes”, delivered by CEM), artificial intelligence (AI platforms to support teaching: a Century Tech case study”, delivered by Hastings) or “Collaboration in the digital age” (delivered by TEMS).

Our teachers could also attend a webinar entitled “Learnings from lockdown on feedback”, jointly delivered by ELIS Murcia and TEMS, where they shared best practice about which measures and strategies can be implemented to optimise teacher time and efficiency. The webinar examined how we can use some of the technological applications we have used during lockdown as part of our effective strategies in the future.


Guest Speaker

Maria Comin, responsible for the educational community of Microsoft Spain, was the guest speaker to deliver the webinar “Comunidad educativa: En Microsoft ningún profesor está solo“ (Educational community. In Microsoft no teacher is alone), a session which was really inspiring in a time where the care for the wellbeing of our staff has been a top priority for the entire group of schools worldwide.



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