BSB Prepares for a Successful September Return

We are once again looking forward to welcoming students and staff back into The British School of Barcelona.

Following our successful reopening in June, we begin the new academic year in the knowledge that our procedures are road-tested and robust. Keeping all members of our community safe remains our number one priority.

September sees us build upon the necessary safety measures taken when the school re-opened towards the end of last term. In developing the plan for our return to school we have closely followed national government guidelines, listened to our parents feedback following our reopening in Summer, and continued to build on learnings from other Cognita schools across the world.


The “New Normal”

We have worked hard to ensure that every element of the school day continues to follow government and expert guidance on Covid-19. Operations including cleaning, catering and transport have all been thoroughly reviewed over the summer with additional measures being put in place to ensure maximum protection for the safety of our students, parents and staff.

We have sent all families comprehensive “Back to School” guidance with detailed information regarding school logistics and procedures in place, such as “bubble” groups in Early Years and Primary, social distancing guidelines, one way system around the school, staggered entrance and exit, breaks and lunch times to limit congestion, health monitoring, hygiene protocols, extended cleaning regime, amongst many others.


Digital Learning and the 121 Devices Programme

Despite the many challenges of last term one of our biggest successes was the transition to online teaching and learning and the way in which our teaching staff embraced the new possibilities afforded by digital technology. The progress that students and schools have made with digital learning over the past few months has been remarkable and we can’t wait for students to start their new phase of their journey.

Following our period of online learning during confinement, we became convinced of the need for every student to have their own personal learning device. We are thrilled to announce that this term we are introducing our 121 Devices Programme where every pupil from Year 3 to Year 11 will receive their own personal device. The programme is fully funded by the school.

This development promises to open up new methods of teaching, assessment and feedback, and to provide every student with greater ownership for their learning:

  • Personalised learning and differentiated instruction
  • Developed engagement, motivation, agency and ownership for learning
  • Enhanced collaboration skills
  • Full software and technical support by Cognita’s Digital Learning Team

EdTech Software such as MS Teams, OneNote, Flip Grid, Tapestry, Seesaw, Century Tech and Learning by Questions will occupy a greater part of our teaching and learning environment. This uniform approach will ensure consistency and equality of opportunity and will support our desire to be “best in class” when it comes to digital technology provision.


Return to School Wellbeing

We are aware that this year students may be dealing with more worries, thoughts, and stress than usual when they return to school after the summer break.

Class Teachers and Form Tutors, supported by our Wellbeing Leads, will plan for opportunities within the school day to share thoughts and questions, get ready to learn and build up every student’s sense of belonging to the school community and connections with others. This will be our priority during the first weeks back in school.

Our Cognita’s Global Be Well Day (GBWD) on Friday, 25th September, will be an opportunity to celebrate wellbeing learning while collaborating and sharing experiences with other Cognita schools.




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