BSB celebrates wellbeing commitment with second Global Be Well Day

At The British School of Barcelona we are thrilled to announce our second edition of Cognita’s Global Be Well Day (GBWD), which will take place on Friday 25th September.

Following last year’s groundbreaking initiative promoted by Cognita to dedicate an entire day to raise awareness about the importance of physical and emotional wellbeing across all Cognita schools worldwide, our focus this year will extend far beyond the 25th September.


Our first ever GBWD – 2019

Our first ever Global Be Well Day on 27th September 2019 was a unique worldwide event with over 45,000 students in 75 Cognita schools around the world participating simultaneously in an entire day focused solely on wellbeing. It was a one-of-its-kind community event with a range of indoor and outdoor activities focused on the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of both children and adults.

At BSB, our Guinness World Record was a huge achievement of the whole BSB and community joining together for a common goal and a milestone in the history of BSB and Cognita to raise the profile of our collective commitment to mental health and wellbeing as a global family.


GBWD 2020 – The Be Well Charter

In response to feedback from Cognita schools around the world, we are maintaining the 5 key themes that were used in 2019, but this year we will reinforce the contributors to physical and mental health outlined in our Be Well Charter – Sleep, Diet, Exercise and Connecting, Doing and Giving.


A GBWD adapted to the Covid age

Emotional wellbeing and mental health is at the heart of the culture and ethos of BSB and Cognita and indeed the Covid-19 pandemic has only intensified this position. For this reason, we feel that this year our GBWD celebration will require a more introspective approach and as such we have designed projects for students to explore their feelings in this day and age.

  • In Early Years and Primary, over the first three weeks of return to school students have been involved in curriculum activities which value the recognition of their emotions and is designed to support children to re-engage with school, learning, with each other and their wider community. This curriculum is based on the storybook “Here We Are” by Oliver Jeffers. On GBWD on 25th September, students will be taking part in a range of creative activities, using the book as a stimulus, to help them make sense of their experiences, their relationships with each other, their wider school community and the world around them.
  • In Secondary and Pre-University GBWD will tie in with our Philosophy for Children (P4C) curriculum theme of “Being Me in My World”. On the afternoon of 25th September students will work in their tutor groups to notice and connect with who they are, who they are collectively becoming and, for some, who they are now because of recent events. Together they will create a piece of work that represents them as a community and allows them to say with confidence that “This is us”.


Home-School collaboration

Due to health and safety restrictions we will not be able to invite families into school to participate in the GBWD activities this year. But families can still get involved. We strongly believe that everyone, everywhere is a teacher of wellbeing and that, by working together, we will be able to provide the best support to children at school. So, parents are encouraged to talk to their children about how their first days back in school are going, how they are feeling and the projects that they are working on, and communicate regularly with the school to be aware of any concerns and be able to deal with them.

Parents and the wider BSB community are also invited to take part in the Cognita Active World Challenge to help our school community accumulate kilometres to travel to Chile! (keep reading)


The Cognita Active World Challenge

The Cognita Active World Challenge is a global activity to help our school communities around the world be active and connect. Starting on the 25th September we will have 4 weeks to travel as many kilometres as we can.

At BSB our aim is to travel 11,000 kilometres to connect with Colegio Manquecura in Chile. We are going to need everyone’s help (students, parents and staff) to achieve this ambitious target!




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