BSB Joins Global Effort For Young People’s Wellbeing Amid Covid-19

Global Be Well Day 2020 (4)

Students at The British School of Barcelona have joined over 55,000 children and young people in the 78 schools that the international educational group Cognita around the world to draw attention to the vital role of mental and physical wellbeing in education.

Covid-19 has put the spotlight on young people’s wellbeing more than ever before. On Friday 25 September, BSB collapsed the curriculum to mark the second Global Be Well Day.

The day of activities and learning aimed to expand students’ and parents’ understanding of wellbeing at a time when Covid-19 impacts every aspect of life. The uncertainty of Covid has meant our school has pivoted to and from online learning at various points over the last few months. We expect this to continue – and that makes our priority focus on wellbeing doubly important. By joining together on Global Be Well Day 2020, we are reinforcing the vital importance of wellbeing as the foundation that needs to underpin every aspect of education.

Many of the activities on this important day for the Cognita family of schools focused on different key themes that promote the wellbeing of students, such as a sleep routine, a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity, among others. At BSB this year the students have worked especially on projects that have allowed them to explore their feelings in this day and age, and helped them connect with themselves, with their learning, with their peers and with the community in general.

In association with Global Be Well Day, students, parents and staff of these schools are taking part in Cognita’s Active World Challenge, which involves everyone in the school community banding together to ‘exercise their way’, whether running, swimming, cycling, paddleboarding and much more, to a sister school in the Cognita world: a great way to foster regular exercise, connecting to others and have fun, which are among the key contributors to physical and mental wellbeing.

At BSB our aim is to travel 11,000 kilometres to connect with Colegio Manquecura in Chile.



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