BSB Connect with Chile through Cognita Active World Challenge

On Global Be Well Day 2020, The British School of Barcelona embarked on the Cognita Active World Challenge (CAWC), a Cognita global activity to help our school communities around the world be physically active and connect, two of our six key contributors to wellbeing.

Starting on the 25th September, BSB students, parents and staff had 4 weeks to travel as many kilometres as possible, with an aim to travel 11,000 kilometres to connect with Colegio Manquecura (CDE) in Chile.


Challenge Achieved!

BSB is a very active, sporty community as reflected in the totals we have managed to achieve together: no less than 16,000 km!

It’s been a huge success of our community working together for a common goal and an extraordinary example of our whole school commitment to physical and mental wellbeing.

We would like to thank everyone from the BSB Community for all their dedication and time spent putting in so many runs, bike rides, swims and long dog walks, among others!


What is Next?

Mr Cross, our BSB Director of Sport and Physical Education, has been leading the challenge and encouraging students, staff and parents to take part and stay active.

He explains: “We are working closely with the CDE school team who are delighted to connect with BSB and visit each other through the Cognita Active World Challenge. We are now exploring opportunities to run activities based on physical wellbeing together in the coming months, which can enrich our students’ wellbeing and help them learn from each other”.

He adds: “We wish we could travel and visit each other, but unfortunately this is not going to be possible in the near future. However, the possibilities for virtual interaction opened up by technology are endless, so we will ensure this new connection becomes a great learning and international opportunity for our students.”


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