BSB Nexus Students Win October X Challenge

In October thirty BSB Nexus students took part in the X Challenge as part of their IB Diploma Programme. Our students competed with other five schools in developing a ‘business pitch’ based on Brand Storytelling & Social Media Strategy for The Fairnest, a real sustainable hand-crafted e-shop (the “Client”).

As a result of the quality of their work, Sati, Isabella, Robin and Elisabeth, all in Year 13 IB, were selected by the Client as the winners of the X Challenge October.

In addition, another BSB Nexus group was the runner-up in the competition, with team members Julieta, Lali, Isabella and Laurenz, also in Year 13 IB.


What is the X Challenge?

The X Challenge project highlights the importance of learning from experience. It consists of 4 weeks of online intensive, after-school group work where students are set a challenge by a Business and asked to work collaboratively as a team to create a solution and present a business case back to the client. The client then selects the winning team.


What did the Client say about our Pre-University students?

“The students helped me think of new things, things I had not considered, and I was really impressed with their brand knowledge and their unusual way of thinking. They did a great job researching the potential customer in a unique way.”


What was the students’ feedback?

Robin, one of the members of the winning team, said: “I’m really grateful for this opportunity. It was great to be able to put my business skills into practice and work in a team in such an interesting project. The constant challenges such as putting myself in the shoes of an entrepreneur, all the market research and environmentally friendly business investigation was very interesting and eye-opening. It included a lot of after schoolwork, but the outcomes and sense of accomplishment definitely made it worth it.

Elisabeth added: “X Challenge taught me to have the courage to present in front of people that I had never met, and to be able to approach situations from different and new perspectives.”

Laurenz said: “It was a great experience to work for an organization which focuses on corporate social responsibility like The Fairnest”.

Julieta said: “Overall, I really enjoyed the project. I had never done anything like it so it was very fun! We did a really good teamwork and luckily got to the final stage! I recommend taking part of it.”