Year 12 runners-up in Oxbridge University’s essay competitions


Very good news from BSB Nexus this week! Neen and Matteo, both Year 12 students, have come runners-up in Cambridge and Oxford 2021 Immerse Education Essay Competition, resulting in a 20% and 10% discounts on fees for their Immerse Summer School programme of study.

Neen is a French student who aspires to study Business Management when she graduates, whether that be at Oxford, Kings College London or Bocconi (in Milan) – these are her ‘aspirational destinations’, she says. She had to write on the question: ‘What business leader has made the biggest impact on society in the last fifty years?’ and she chose Oprah Winfrey:

‘I’d like to believe that Oprah, has changed society’s view on both “women in business”, but also” Black people in business”. Despite anyone’s political views on society, it is undeniable that she has shown that no matter where you are from, what race or gender you are, you can make it.  (…)  Overall, I think that Oprah Winfrey has made the biggest impact on society in the last 50 years, also because she won over multiple battles, like poverty. She is the perfect example of a warrior, that managed to fight the current gender and race norms. Inspirational.’

Matteo is also a French student. His scientific mindset will probably take him to study Maths and Physics in the world-renowned university of Cambridge, precisely the place where he may spend the next summer holidays, thanks to the great perfomance on his scientist essay.

When asked why they decided to take on the challenge, they are both clear that, rather than winning, this would be great experience for their personal statement.


Building successful profiles

Indeed, when talking with them one realises of the extraordinary mentoring task behind the scenes, one that makes students want to try harder and go the extra mile, step outside of their comfort zone and take on new challenges.

As it is, both Neen and Matteo are currently completing their EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) mentored by Mr James Petrie, Headteacher of Secondary and Pre-University, and Mrs Catherine Burns, our University and Career Counsellor.

Neen’s project researches the ‘Social economic impacts of the terrorist attacks in France (2015-2017)’ whilst Matteos’s topic of study is ‘The content physics behing photosynthesis’.

EPQ is a demanding piece of research which will take students quite a few months to complete, but will help them develop some key high-level skills, hone quite a few learning habits (such as Curiosity, Thinking, Reflection, Organisation or Determination), and will definitely add considerable value to their university applications.

They acknowledge that their aspirations for the future aim high, but we know that hard work very often pays off and they are definitely on the right track.


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