Wrap-around care, BSB’s effective approach to students’ wellbeing

The current health crisis caused by the pandemic is having a significant impact in the emotional wellbeing and development of children and teenagers. According to the Director of Student Services at The British School of Barcelona, Carol Coleman, we’re living a difficult situation due to the current circumstances. “It is essential to provide emotional support to children and young people at schools and work together with families throughout this process,” she says.


Early identification and resilience have been some of the key points

During this new school year in our international school, we have adapted our student support strategy to identify their needs and offer a personalised programme adjusted to the current pandemic and lockdown accordingly. “Our students’ emotional wellbeing is our priority and we work on its different day-to-day aspects. This has allowed us to act quickly and adapt as needed in order to face both the lockdown during the school’s closure and its reopening, which could logically cause some anxiety after so many months at home,” Mrs Coleman tells us, making emphasis in the fact that the way the lockdown changed our routines has effects for children, teenagers and adults alike. “This circumstance has affected us and keeps doing so to a greater or lesser extent and each student expresses or internalises it in a different way. Therefore, our premise is early identification as a mechanism to prevent and offer said support from day one, enabling children to learn how to channel their feelings.”

During lockdown, we monitored students to support them at all times and, ever since the school’s reopening in September, we have dedicated specific sessions to promote the emotional wellbeing needed for their academic success.

However, our Student Support Team at school also identified a high resilience in students: “We are pleasantly surprised by the great resilience students have showed, especially the younger ones, which have been able to cope with this transition in a calm and orderly manner,” says Mrs Coleman.

Wrap-around care

Thanks to this early detection, our Student Support staff has been able to take action to solve and help students maintain their emotional wellbeing, proving to be an utmost important service both for them and their families. “A large part of our work is also based on keeping a close contact with families and provide them with tools to help them cope with situations like the current pandemic and all it involves for their children,” says Carol Coleman. She also puts emphasis on the importance of working together and aligning all of those aspects in the student’s life related to wellbeing. “Our commitment is offering wrap-around care.”


Our wrap-around care is fearured in Onda Cero Catalunya.

“En Bones Mans”, a programme that focuses on wellbeing and healthy lifestyle, highlighted the importance of providing wrap-around care for children in the complex times we are living in on Sunday 24th January.

Listen to the podcast from minute 4.35 to 22.45.


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