IB Student Olivia wins Empowering Girls Scholarship

Olivia is a Year 12 IB student who has taken part in the ‘Inspiring Girls’ Project for over 6 months.

‘Inspiring Girls International’ is an organisation that has as an objective to accomplish the professional confidence and ambition of girls that are still in school (aged 10-15 years). They do this by making the students visualise the wide variety of jobs that exists and show that no women can have any type of limitation to become what they want’, Olivia explains. ‘They inspire them to aim high’.

The project started in October 2016, and this is the first one they are offering a scholarship. Olivia’s mother encouraged her to volunteer with their campaign as an opportunity to realise how many possibilities girls have in life well beyond gender stereotyped roles. ‘Every young woman should feel free to choose whatever she wants to do in life. The only limit to her dreams should be the extent of her own efforts. Leading by example is the best way to show girls how they can achieve, which is why we put real women in front of girls to talk about their experiences’, the founder of Inspiring Girls International says.

As a volunteer Olivia connected once a month to an online class (due to COVID 19 restrictions) and ‘learned loads from other women who have loads of experience’, she concludes. ‘This has helped me develop skills such as leadership, finance, self-growth and communication’.

As a result of this, she has become Ambassador of the new program for 2021, she has won a Scholarship which will take her one or two weeks to Boston (USA) where she will be able to get to know different businesses and represent the organisation in reunions, and she has become a Mentor on the program ‘Inspiring Girls Junior’, an opportunity to inspire young girls to work hard to achieve their dreams, whatever they might be.

Olivia aspires to pursue a Biology-related career probably in the field of Biotechnology. She would like to study in Colombia after graduating from The British School of Barcelona.

Olivia has definitely become an Inspiring Girl.