Be World Ready: The Challenge of Educating for an Ever-Changing World

Today, there is only one thing about the future that we can be sure of: change. The dizzying pace of social change, technological advances and the related challenges—economic, social, environmental and political—forces us to continuously adapt, to be able to unlearn what we know so that we can keep on learning. In a constantly changing world, education remains the fundamental tool needed to tackle change head on.

At The British School of Barcelona we have been inspiring young students for more than 60 years with the skills, mindset and initiative needed to steer their own future, sharing the keys of an international curriculum that prepares our students to take on the world.


The World is Diverse. Global and Multicultural Education

Respect for diversity and inclusion are two of the most appreciated values in large companies around the world. Educating young people to develop a global mindset is possible when they are immersed in an international environment from day one, exposed to the diverse cultures and the international experiences of our teachers and students of more than 60 nationalities. Growing up in a multicultural setting like BSB, where embracing diversity and individual differences is a part of every student’s daily life, helps them develop a global perspective that will allow them to live and work anywhere in the world.

As for academics, the option to follow an international curriculum is a passport that opens doors to study at the best universities, whether in Europe or in other continents. The A Levels of the British curriculum and the International Baccalaureate are both widely recognised by universities and companies worldwide. Both educational pathways, along with the validation of the Spanish Bachillerato we offer, open up unique opportunities for a brilliant professional future.



The World Changes Quickly. Developing Soft Skills

Education is what is needed to ensure that the new generations are ready to build their future and transform the world and reality around them—not to mention being able to enjoy the journey. To achieve this, they will need skills that allow them to cope with and manage the speed of change. Keeping this in mind, a key aspect that education must cover is fostering a balance between academic excellence and the development of interpersonal skills, so-called soft skills, strongly linked to students’ social and emotional lives.

Our curriculum places particular importance on learning habits and skills for the future. From an early age, our students learn to be independent and to work collaboratively, to be creative and curious, to work with technology, to think critically and solve problems, to lead projects and develop resilience—skills that will prepare them to meet the challenges of the future.


The World is Competitive. Fostering Talent

The ultimate goal of education is for students to develop their full potential and for them to stand out, regardless of their area of activity. To achieve this, it is essential that their education is flexible and varied and—most especially—that the students actively participate in their learning process.

Because all students are unique and have their own interests and abilities, we favour each student’s individuality, allowing them to tailor their curriculum by choosing between different subjects and learning paths. It is this ability to personalise their journey that allows them to develop their own personality, strengthen their talents and follow their passions.


The World is Incredible. Prepared to Be a Part of It

Education means preparing students to become the best version of themselves, self-assured and confident, with initiative and ambition. To achieve this, students must be equipped with strategies and mechanisms for managing their emotional wellbeing.

We offer an environment that makes it easy for our students to feel happy and enjoy what they do. With a culture of wellbeing and individualised support as the central pillar of all educational activity, our students develop self-confidence and are ready to face a world full of possibilities and shape it.


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