Celebrating our students’ achievements

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We are incredibly proud of our students and take every opportunity throughout the year to celebrate their achievements on a day-to-day basis. However, the end of school year is a special time full of final exhibitions and celebration assemblies that we love to share with parents, although restricted this year following the safety guidelines in place.


Final Exhibitions of Learning

Our Early Years and Primary children are very keen on sharing their learning throughout the term with their parents. This year our teaching staff have been very creative in thinking how to enable these exhibitions in school whilst following the restrictions in place. The final outcome of children sharing their classwork and projects with their families in the open air has been simply fantastic!


Art Exhibition

Another fine example of this is “Boundless”, the energetic, exciting, stimulating and thought-provoking exhibition of the artwork produced by our GCSE and A Level Art students this year. A display which is testimony to the outstanding level of performance of our students in Visual Arts, a subject area where some of our students have been awarded with the highest grade in Spain and also in the whole of Europe in recent years.

[View full gallery here]





Celebration Assemblies

Our end-of-year Celebration Ceremonies publicly acknowledge and congratulate individual students for outstanding performance, attitude and effort. Over the last three weeks of the Summer term we celebrated the success of more than 250 students across Secondary and Pre-University (Years 7 to 12).



We had two awards for every subject in two categories:

  • The Achievement Award recognises outstanding progress and improvement throughout the whole year
  • The Attainment Award recognises outstanding perfomance at subject excellence

All the winners had demonstrated an exemplary behaviour and displayed an outstanding attitude towards their own development and learning over the year. Their teachers’ dedications were a pleasure to listen.




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