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According to the XVI University Trends Survey carried out this year on 3,000 sixth formers in their first year, 75% agree that they do not get enough pre-university guidance to make an informed decision for their future. This lack of information may end up in dropping out of university or changing their choice of university course after the first year.

This research study reveals evidence for several factors influencing this: insufficient guidance in schools, lack of prior information to students, inadequate design of curricula, low monitoring of student interest, low academic performance of students —for lack of ability, effort or motivation— or inappropriate level of demand, among others.

According to Mr Jake Richardson, Director of Pre-University at BSB Nexus, this is a whole process that needs to start early in Year 12. He explains: ‘The whole Pre-University programme should be considered as a bridge between school and university with a very specific purpose: to prepare students to face life after school. For this, it is essential to give them the opportunity to experience what university life looks like in a controlled environment. So students know what to expect and what will be expected of them when they move to the next stage. This in itself is one of the keys to success when students plan their future.’


University and Career Guidance in Schools is the Key

Having a specific University and Career Guidance programme with specialist advisers allows students to improve their learning experience in school in order to be prepared and fulfil their future goals. It is essential to guide and assist young people while making decisions about their professional future so that they can face all these changes in the best conditions.

In this sense, Mr Richardson explains that ‘at BSB Nexus, students are immersed from day one in a programme that we like to call as “Structured Creativity”. Students are given the freedom of learning and working autonomously with the support of a dedicated team of professionals who guide and assist them throughout these two years. This learning approach combines the acquisition of knowledge with the use of the soft skills they have learnt in previous years. This helps students develop the necessary tools to design their own future, prepared to face the challenges they will come up with in the future after school.’

‘This is a critical stage. Therefore, it is essential that we offer students the best support through specialised information, lectures, tips, access to experts and professionals from different fields, etc. This is the key to a global Pre-University experience,’ he adds.


Transition Week

In preparation for this Pre-University experience, this year we have organised our annual Transition Week for Year 11 students moving into BSB Nexus in September. This is an action-packed week with a range of carefully-designed activities to help students immerse in this new learning environment which will become a continuum between Secondary and university/workplace.

During the week, there were some highlights:

  • The talk with football coach Robert Moreno, who spoke to our Year 11s about finding their true Passion as one of the 4 keys to success. Resilience or how to learn to adapt and be conscious of change; People, or how to care for their relationships; and Books, as an opportunity to learn from others who know more than us, were the main topics of this inspirational talk for our future Pre-University students who are to shape their future in the next two exciting years ahead.
  • The conference of Ben Walden, actor and artistic director, who is also an international speaker and workshop leader in the realm of education. His talk to our students looked at themes of leadership and inspiring communication.
  • The virtual University Fair with presenters from renowned universities worldwide. The choice responded to the subject interests of our students, which is our top priority when designing the most attractive programme.


The week also included academic workshops, wellbeing activities and sports fixtures, all designed to start building the BSB Nexus community feel among students.

We would like to congratulate Mr Jake Richardson, Director of Pre-University, Mrs Catherine Burns, our University and Career Counsellor, and Mr Rod Musson, Head of Year 13, as well as the whole staff of BSB Nexus, who did an extraordinary job during this amazing week at making Year 11 students feel welcome into their new Pre-University community.


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