BSB and Cognita Spain staff become MIE Experts


We are proud to announce that 24 teachers of Cognita Schools in Spain have become accredited as MIE Experts. Mr Ricardo Sánchez, Digital Lead at The British School of Barcelona, is one of the newly appointed MIE Experts, who are professional learning specialists who impact teaching and learning in their role, striving to find new ways to engage their students.

All 24 MIE Experts have been selected by the regional Microsoft representative based on the level of innovation and use of Microsoft tools described in the learning activity and the level of detail in how becoming a part of the programme will impact both teaching and student learning. Resourceful and entrepreneurial, they relish the role of change agent, and work to achieve excellence in education using Microsoft technologies coupled with their innovative teaching practices.

As accredited MIE Experts, they demonstrate that they have adopted 21st century teaching and learning, take risks, and strive to improve their pedagogy to integrate technology tools that improve student outcomes. They also model that failure is an opportunity to reflect and learn as well as resiliency. And they provide coaching/mentoring to other teachers and support their growth, among other functions involved in their role.


The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE)-Programme

MIE Expert is a premier programme created to recognise global educator visionaries like our teachers in Cognita schools. To apply for the accreditation, applicants must be self-driven educators who are passionate about teaching and learning, who inspire students with creative thinking, and work in a truly collaborative spirit to share their learning with the world.


Cognita Schools MIE Experts

Alongside BSB, colleagues from British School of Valencia, El Limonar International School Murcia, El Limonar International School Villamartín in Alicante and Colegio Europeo de Madrid have also received this accreditation.

Ms Sabrina Espasandin, Digital Learning Adviser Spain, led the accreditation process of all participating educators. She has also been certified as a MIE Expert: “I am beyond grateful to work with such an exceptional group of educators. This recognition speaks of our teachers’ commitment to continuous professional development and improving digital learning at their schools, but also of the work our digital transformations teams have done over the past two years. The results achieved this Summer have completely surpassed our expectations. Well done to all!”


Please join us in congratulating them all for this great achievement for themselves, our schools and, most of all, our students.

Source: Microsoft Educator Center


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