An Empathy Themed Global Be Well Day

For the third consecutive year, The British School of Barcelona (BSB) has celebrated Global Be Well Day, an international event organised by Cognita to promote children’s wellbeing which will count with the participation of more than 65,000 students and teachers from all around the world.

On 30th September, BSB joined the 87 schools of the international education group Cognita, of which BSB is part of, to celebrate GBWD, a global event that highlights the vital role of physical and emotional wellbeing in education.


Global Be Well Day at BSB

This year’s celebrations of Global Be Well Day have been very special. Not only has it been an opportunity to showcase our overarching focus on wellbeing throughout our students’ school life, but also the perfect occasion to work collectively on the development of such an important skill as Empathy is, the running theme of this year’s GBWD.

As Ms Beth Kerr, Cognita’s Group Director of Wellbeing, puts it: “This year, we have been encouraging a greater emphasis on the mental contributors to wellbeing —connecting, doing and giving. This seems particularly relevant as we come to terms with the continuing impact of the global pandemic on our mental health.”

Ms Carol Coleman, BSB Director of Student Support, also explains: “We believe that empathy is a skill. It takes practice but if we practice it well, we can better connect to someone else. We can then have a greater understanding of someone else’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions.​” And this is precisely what we have been exploring this year.

On the week leading to the 30th September and on Global Be Well Day itself, we have run student assemblies focusing on empathy, tolerance, prejudices and diversity of opinions; reading workshops to understand one’s own feelings and those of others; parent webinars to learn more about empathy and how to support their children my modelling this skill at home; artwork activities to learn how to express emotions; live connections with students from other Cognita Schools around the world to share their experiences on how they take care of their wellbeing; food collections for people in need; the launch of a student-led project to promote empathy at school and much more.

An amazing array of activities for children and young people to get a better understanding of Empathy led by our fabulous team of Child Protection and Wellbeing Coordinators.

Thank you to the whole BSB Community for supporting our main focus on wellbeing not just one day, but in the day to day, both in school and at home.



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