BSB Autumn International Fair raises its highest amount of funding ever

We were excited to be able to celebrate our Fundraising International Fair again after two years, which is one of our most important events for the whole BSB Community where children and adults alike had the opportunity of enjoying a fun-packed day with games and activities, meet other families, and learning about the different traditions from the many countries our BSB Castelldefels students come from.

As an international school with families from over 60 different countries in our four campuses, at The British School of Barcelona we love celebrating our learning community’s multiculturalism. At our Autumn International Fair this year we were able to enjoy stands hosted by families from China, India, Mexico, Tunisia, and Russia, with a variety of culinary specialities from each country. We were also visited by the Chinese Dragon at our main playground, which everyone enjoyed.

We also enjoyed a great variety of activities and stands from our partners:

  • Bouncy castle, soft play, and a volleyball tournament
  • Live music and karaoke
  • Face and nails painting stations, homemade cakes and earrings
  • Second-hand uniform and second-hand books sales
  • Malayaka House, Més que Surf and the CAS stall for breastcancer fundraising for Fundacion Geicam
  • The fantastic Pokémon and La Liga Cards!
  • A spectacular Raffle where lucky winners will take home some lovely gifts and treats thanks to the kind donations of so many of our families: Signed football shirts, meals in local restaurants, champagne & cava, free skydiving simulation in a vertical wind tunnel & pony rides, children choice & games…

This year our International Fair was linked to our Global Be Well Day, based on the theme of Empathy and the mental contributors to wellbeing: connecting, doing and giving. As it is, all money raised from the Autumn International Fair will go to local and global charities charities (thus linking to the “giving” contributor), decided by the primary school council representatives: Malayka House, Més que Surf, Fundación Geicam for breast cancer research, CRAM, Red Cross, Cash and Rocket, Save the Children. Thank you everyone for your amazing support.

Mrs Emma Overton and Ms Judy Dean, Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher of Early Years and Primary at BSB Castelldefels, said: “Thank you so much to everyone who came and supported the school at the Autumn International Fair. There was an fastastic turnout, and the food and games were brilliant. Thank you so much as well for the kind donations for the raffle. If you attended, you will know that the raffle was the most popular stall with non-stop ticket sales! In total the fair raised €4,400 for local and global charities, this is the most amount we have ever raised, so thank you so much for your amazing contribution. It is amazing to be part of such a generous community and it has been great to count on you for your support.”

Mrs Overton added: “It was the power of the team that enabled it to be such an amazing, uplifting day – the best yet I would dare to say! This community spirit is so important, and something which the pandemic has prevented us from doing very well, so let’s keep building our BSB community and support for one another in the process!”


Photos by courtesy of Year 12 student Keira, a brilliant budding photographer, and BSB.


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