High Commissioner to the UK of the Republic of Maldives delivers Talk at BSB Nexus

On Friday 22nd October, we were honoured to have the High Commissioner to the UK of the Republic of Maldives her Excellency Dr. Farah Faizal join us at BSB Nexus to deliver a talk about Maldives and Climate Change to our Pre-University students.

This talk was in line with the upcoming 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties starting on 31st October in Glasgow. Under the slogan “Uniting the World to Tackle Climate Change”, the COP26 summit aims to accelerate climate action in order to fulfil the goals of the Paris Agreement in 2015. Some of these are reducing emissions, helping developing countries and creating a transparent framework for the global balance of climate goals. To meet them it is crucial that young generations are aware of the magnitude of the problem and how we must act.


Education as the key to addressing climate change

According to the United Nations, “Education can encourage people to change their attitudes and behaviour; it actually motivates the young to take action”. In fact, according to a survey to 10,000 young people aged 16-25 years in ten countries by the University of Bath in England 59% of claim to be very worried about climate change and over 45% say their feelings about this negatively affect their daily life. In line with this, a study conducted by the University of Stanford shows that school subjects linked to protecting the environment generate a genuine interest among young people and benefits students of any age by improving their ecological behaviour by an 83% after learning about environmental issues.

In the context of COP26, Dr. Farah Faizal gave this conference at BSB Nexus with an aim to make the students aware of the vulnerability of the Maldives to climate change and the importance of making noise about this threat, as well as investing in research. The High Commissioner also encouraged the students to be the future leaders for change.

“The vulnerability caused by climate change is not happening tomorrow; it’s happening now. The whole way of living is changing. This is why we need to invest in research to find ways to solve this situation, such as renewable energy technologies and sustainable solutions. We also have to inculcate advocacy roles and generate awareness as I’m doing here talking to young people like you”. Faizal concluded “It is very important that those of you who believe in protecting the world become future leaders because the Maldives need you”.



From theory to practice: Futures Guidance Programme

The visit of the High Commissioner to the UK of the Republic of Maldives to BSB is part of the Career Guidance Programme that we have been running for years at BSB Nexus, our Pre-University campus in Castelldefels.

“In today’s changing environment, where 65% of today’s students are likely to be in professions that do not yet exist, it is essential to offer a broad and diverse futures-ready experience that stimulates students’ interests in emerging industries and professions and that invites them to explore themes of innovation, disruption and global-mindedness”, explained Kyra Kellawan, Futures Advisor at BSB Nexus. ‘We are honoured to have been able to have the Excellency Dr Faizal join us to raise awareness of the sensitive and prescient global issue of climate change and to educate our students about the pressing need to create systems to support a sustainable future”.

Kellawan added: “We believe that Pre-University is a crucial stage in which it is essential to connect students with opinion leaders, professionals, and experts from different sectors of activity, both national and international, to widen their vision of the professional world. This is a unique component of the BSB Nexus programme and our offer”.

BSB’s unique and innovative Futures Advising Program is designed to enable students to understand their personal and professional goals, equipping them with the tools to meet them. Paying individual attention to each student to support them in their post-school pathway and helping them to recognise their own talents, motivators and competencies, BSB students go on to access to a wide range of options; whether that means studying at a world-class university in Spain or abroad, finding their creative talent or specialist excellence to share, or creating their own projects to enact positive change in the world.



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