Presenting the new BSB House System in Secondary

This year has seen the introduction of the new House System in Secondary school at The British School of Barcelona. The students have been working very hard across all areas of the school to earn points to demonstrate how well they are performing. They have collectively earned almost 15,000 points in their academic lessons, during interhouse sports matches and taking part in competitions such as Bookflix and the House Crest competition.

Mr Rimmer, Head of House System, explains: ‘The aim of the new House System is to provide the students with a community base within the school, encouraging them to work with their peers to achieve. It has encouraged togetherness and competition in many areas of the school in its first term alone such as Sport, English and general academic life, and will expand out into initiatives such as the Science Fair and Poetry Slam next term. I am very proud of how the students have taken to this new challenge and they will be rewarded for their efforts in many ways such as the House Cup, Cinema Experience, certificates, awards and many more throughout the year’


The sense of belonging to a House

Houses are an integral part of school life in many British Schools, providing a sense of camaraderie and togetherness within the community. To go with this, it is important to have a visual representation of their House that the students see as their own and to represent themselves. Our students therefore went on to design a badge/crest and competed within their Houses for the best ones. They were designed, submitted and a winner was chosen by the House captains over a four-week process.

The winning crests (depicted in the image below) will be used to represent the houses throughout the year and possibly further into the future. Congratulations to the winners!



Looking ahead

The next terms will see further competitive activities in other areas of the school such as the Science Fair, maths competitions, Sports day, the Vincent Award in Art with Interhouse sports competitions in rugby and football. Follow us on social media to keep track of all of them!


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