BSB forms a partnership with Tiro Sports for US university sponsorship opportunities

We are very excited to share that The British School of Barcelona have set up a link with Tiro Sports, a group that work with the top US Universities and Colleges with the sole purpose to match and support students with a desire to go to the USA for higher education through half and full scholarships either through sport or academic sponsorship.

In mid-February, we hosted a two-day Camp at BSB rugby pitch with Year 10-12 students from BSB and other schools hoping to add value to this process, educate the students and parents in attendance, and offer the ways in which these opportunities maybe realise over the coming months.

We have spoken with Mr Jonathan Cross, Director of Learning Sport and Physical Education at BSB, regarding this new long-term partnership and its benefits for our students.



Who is Tiro Sports?

Tiro Sports aims at providing the insight and opportunities for athletes around the world to be recruited and gain a scholarship to top United States boarding schools and universities. Founded in Singapore, Tiro Sports has quickly spread throughout Asia, South America and Europe to answer the need of help with gaining exposure for international athletes. Additionally, this expansion has matched the vocal desire of US preparatory school and college coaches at all levels for global expansion on their rosters.

What does this new partnership between BSB and Tiro consist of?

Our partnership is based on providing elite level facilities and the highest standards in regards of student (at BSB) both with regards to football, education plus fluency in English speaking.

What is the benefit of this partnership for our students?

The direct benefits are that they gain fantastic insight into the process and requirements for the recruitment process, plus valuable exposure and contact with top level recruiters and coaches from the US. From this, many have been invited to take part in large festivals I the US (Dallas Cup & Tiro World cup) later in the year.

How was our first-ever Sports Camp based on this partnership? 

The programme for each day consisted in a series of activities led by the coaches running the Camp, including training sessions, seminars and games.

There were 57 boys in attendance for the two days, from various areas around Barcelona; that combined for this two-day camp. Some were independent students, some from recruitment groups such as Pathfinders FC. There are no definitive criteria to fulfil to participate, other than having a good level of football ability, to be playing in a registered team, and have the academic profile that would be suitable to attend a top American University. 15 were from BSB with now 11 of them already involved with Dallas Cup and Tiro World Cup team selection.

Who were the coaches of the Camp? 

There were five coaches associated with Tiro to lead the sessions and games, and the two directors, Ross and Nano, also participated. Additionally, there were four Top US Coaches/Recruiters that represented specific universities:

  • Charles Rodriguez – Assistant Coach Yale University – Div I
  • Ryan Hess – Associate Head Coach LeHigh University – Div I
  • Andrew Storton – Assistant Head Coach – Connecticut College – Div III National Champions 2021
  • Kevin Longacre – Head Coach Mount St. Marys College – Div III
  • Ross Maklin – Coach Macalaster – Div II

What is your personal feedback of this experience?

From me, setting up this experience and working with Tiro staff, plus meeting and discussing with the coaches and recruiters from the US, really opened my eyes up to the fantastic opportunities there are for supporting our students with achieving their goals, plus, utilizing their sporting ability to gain access to some of the best academic institutions in the world. This will no doubt be life changing for so many of our BSB students, and parents when they realise this also. Next, there is much that will be followed up where offers are going be made from US Universities to our BSB students, and we will investigate through these links; the wider opportunities that our programmes can link to from BSB, around the world.

What are the next steps planned following the camp in relation to this partnership?

Next steps are attending the Dallas Cup and Tiro World Cup. With recruiters having made initial contact, they will liaise with parents in deciding what offer they will be made towards the links. X1 already in discussion with Yale as they want him. More to follow as it happens!



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