BSB care for Wellbeing featured on 8TV Catalunya

On 18th February 8TV DIRECTE! CATALUNYA interviewed Ms Coleman, Director of Student Support at The British School of Barcelona, about our recent accreditation with the Wellbeing Award for Schools that recognises our high standards towards the emotional wellbeing and mental health of our students.

They also interviewed one of our Primary students at our BSB City campus in Barcelona about the way the school supports children’s wellbeing.

Ms Coleman said:
“We actively teach the emotional wellbeing at BSB. Every week students do activities to work on their own mental health. We teach them techniques and the skills that they will need in their future in every aspect of their lives. We can start working on wellbeing from a very early age, we do active listening and help children learn how to manage their feelings, recognise them and be able to express them. The Wellbeing Award for Schools has helped us put together all the work that we have been doing and focus on what we want to do next.”