BSB holds first-ever Futures Festival

On Friday, 25th March, The British School of Barcelona held its first-ever BSB Futures Festival, an event which forms part of our Careers and Futures Guidance programme for our students. The event was held under the slogan The Future of Work for High Schoolers and was aimed at Secondary and Pre-University students aged 14 to 17.

Kyra Kellawan, BSB’s Futures Lead at BSB Nexus and main organiser of the event, explained: ‘The BSB Futures Festival is an opportunity for students to explore different possibilities and reflect on the next steps they want to take. What their professional future could look like with experts and specialists from different universities, alumni, and professionals from different industries, with a global mindset and open to new ideas and new professions that have not yet been contemplated. And above all, an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of each student when deciding their future, which is different for each one of them, and this is why this kind of events are so necessary, because students can choose based on their interests.’

The day included more than 30 talks covering a range of emerging careers and study paths with experts from 30 universities from around the world, such as University College London, University of York, BIMM, ESADE, La Salle or Emory University, among others, as well as leading companies from different industries such as Travelperk, Flipp Media or Tiro Sports. In all these conferences, the aim was to share with the students the professional and educational future that awaits them and to promote knowledge of emerging professions and studies that will completely shape the future of the labour sector. Among the presentations were those related to sustainable global development, alternative careers in IT and AI, the audio-visual and animation industry, as well as the presence of women in the technology field. In addition, the benefits of studying in countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and the United States were also highlighted, as well as the day-to-day life at university.


This event, which was held simultaneously in different spaces such as the BSB Castelldefels campus, the BSB Nexus Pre-University campus, the new BSB STEM Centre and the BSB Theatre, welcomed more than 500 attendees who were able to participate in the sessions that took place onsite or online. In addition, there was also an assembly space for some Year 13 students to share their end-of-year projects with younger students.


BSB students are able to make decisions about their career pathway

At BSB, we place great importance on promoting the professional and academic development of our students in fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Creativity, Mathematics and Business Studies. To this end, we have a highly-personalised careers and futures guidance programme with expert leads, with a focus on higher education in both national and international universities. Throughout the Pre-University stage, BSB students participate in a variety of activities and talks where experts present the undergraduate degrees and university destinations that best suit their interests.

In 2021 , 49% of BSB graduates chose international universities in destinations such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, France, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, and Italy. Among the most demanded Spanish universities were the University of Barcelona (UB), University of Navarra, ESADE, IE University, and La Salle, among others. It is worth noting that, as a result of BSB’s comprehensive work of personalised advice and guidance towards the future of work, 95% of BSB students secured place at the university of their first choice.





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