BSB opens a technology centre to promote STEM skills

The British School of Barcelona (BSB) has opened an innovative technology centre to promote the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as the development of the transversal skills that this multidisciplinary approach offers. The new BSB STEM Centre, which is aimed at Secondary and Pre-University students, has received an investment of half a million euros from the international educational group Cognita, of which BSB is a member, with over 85 schools in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East

Located in Castelldefels, this 430m2 state-of-the-art centre includes a large scientific laboratory equipped with the latest technology that offers total flexibility to carry out practical experimental work. The space simulates an environment similar to that found both at university and in the workplace, thus responding to the need to prepare young people with the essential skills that will enable them to meet the demands of their career path.

To mark the opening of this cutting-edge technology centre, BSB held an opening event with the participation of Germà Rigau, Managing Director of Cognita Spain and Italy; Jon Locke, Executive Director of BSB, and Marie Mulhall, Director of Learning Science at BSB. Licia Verde, Professor at ICREA and ICC (Institute of Cosmos Sciences) of the University of Barcelona and award-winner of the King Jaume I Award on Basic Research, also attended the event.

According to Jon Locke, “BSB STEM Centre provides our students with a ‘university research facility’ environment of the highest quality and the opportunity to carry out experiments independently and for truly collaborative learning”.

Germà Rigau dedicated a few words to celebrate the phenomenal trajectory of continuous improvement of The British School of Barcelona – to the point that it has been recognised as one of the best schools in the world, highighting that “delivering great learning experiences involves attracting and supporting the best teachers and providing them and the students with inspiring spaces and tools. BSB is clearly leading the way in the last few years with the pioneering Nexus Pre-University centre, the stimulating early years area revamp, the impressive rugby pitch, the 121 devices programme, the modern STEM centre we are celebrating today or the Wellbeing centre.”

Astrophysicist Licia Verde, a woman reference in the scientific arena, gave a motivational talk to the students underlining the need to develop STEM skills for the e future, regardless of the professional area. “We live in a knowledge society. Science and technology are everywhere. Everybody needs some understanding of science, but this is something that is not built overnight. But you are privileged to have this STEM Centre. Make the most of it! Go in there, never stop asking questions, never stop experimenting and, most importantly, have fun.”

An educational model focused on the development of transversal skills

Through a highly personalised and future-facing international education, BSB delivers an tailor-made curriculum for each student that helps them develop their own character and the social, emotional and digital skills they will need in the future. This educational model focuses on the development of transversal skills which are among the most valued through multidisciplinary projects which relate to the real world. These include initiative and leadership, creativity, teamwork, flexibility and resilience, and problem solving.

In this approach students can choose from a range of globally recognised curriculum pathways, such as the British curriculum (A Levels) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, together with the validation of Spanish qualifications, in which students achieve outstanding results well above the UK national averages and open up unique opportunities for BSB students to gain access to the best universities, both in Spain and abroad, or for whatever next step they choose in life.


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