How to integrate CENTURY in Primary lessons, a case study

As part of our Digital Strategy to learning, the use of CENTURY Tech is becoming integral throughout all of Key Stage 2 at The British School of Barcelona.

In this case study, ‘Explore a CENTURY lesson from start to finish with The British School of Barcelona’, David Gross, Year 5 Teacher at BSB Castelldefels, shares how we are using CENTURY in lessons to engage children and why they love it.

‘It’s giving them a real sense of independence and they recognise how important it is for their learning. So it really has become an indispensable part of practice for Years 5 and 6 already, and it’s growing in Years 3 and 4.’


Explore a CENTURY lesson from start to finish with the British School of Barcelona

‘When we first implemented CENTURY, we knew we wanted to use it in both the classroom and with homework from the outset to set the students up for the most success and maximise their engagement with the platform. We started by embedding CENTURY within our daily practice, initially by integrating a CENTURY lesson into one maths lesson per week. This helped us to instantly reduce the maths marking burden by around 20% every week, and establish a clearer sense of independence and ownership among the children when it came to their learning progress.’

There were a few key steps David took to help integrate CENTURY into his lessons:

  • Step 1: Planning the lesson
  • Step 2: Bringing CENTURY into the lesson
  • Step 3: Targeting interventions
  • Step 4: Using data to plan the plenary
  • How I set expectations
  • Encouraging children to reflect on their learning

‘Implementing CENTURY in this way has worked really well for us. The teachers love using it and it’s saving us a lot of time. Personally, it’s saving me at least one and a half hours each week, and that’s just for one maths lesson. The children love it too.’

Read full blog with a detailed description for each of the steps above here:

Explore a CENTURY lesson from start to finish with the British School of Barcelona


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