BSB City: a state-of-the-art two-site campus in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi

We are delighted to share the fantastic news that from September 2023 our BSB City campus in Barcelona will run as a two-site school, with our beautiful Foundation Campus running alongside the new state-of-the-art Main Campus currently being remodelled.

As of September 2023, our Foundation Campus will become a dedicated learning environment for our youngest students in Early Years  and Year 1.  From 7 years of age our BSB City students will continue their educational journey in the Main Campus until they are 18.


The Foundation Campus

We opened the BSB City Foundation Campus as an Early Years and Primary school in September 2021, thus bringing our world-class international education of more than 60 years to the city of Barcelona. This has been an amazing first year for everyone at BSB City, where a warm, supportive, open, and dynamic community has been forged between families, staff, and pupils. Keeping the Foundation Campus will enable us to preserve this intimate, familial feel that we have together created. We are certain that this will provide the best possible foundation to education for our youngest children whilst also supporting excellent transition into the rest of their BSB careers.

Building on the great work of the past year, our Foundation Campus will become a Centre of Excellence for Early Years education in Barcelona. Led by our brilliant team of early years experts, at BSB City, and also across BSB Sitges and BSB Castelldefels, we will deliver our Curiosity Approach to learning that focuses on encouraging curiosity and the wholistic development of the child.  As a natural next step for us, we feel it will ensure our early years provision remains the best in Barcelona.


The Main Campus

This is also great news for our older students.  With more space we will be able to create more specialist learning facilities in the Main Campus.  This will add to the sense of anticipation and excitement for students, as they move to their new ‘big’ school.  This will further support our ability to provide an individualised, future-facing education for all of our BSB City students:

  • Tailor-Made Curriculum: Focusing on the Individual
  • Global Outlook: Preparing Students to Think Globally
  • Challenge and Support: Helping Students Thrive
  • Future-Facing Skills: Helping Students Stand Out
  • Sustainability: Caring Today for Tomorrow


More information 

Enrolment is open for both campuses:

  • Early Years and Primary for September 2022
  • Secondary and Pre-University for September 2023

(+34) 661 297 210


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