BSB Nexus graduates embark on exciting futures around the world

This year’s excellent exam results have seen 116 BSB Nexus graduates embark on some very exciting futures in a range of prestigious universities around the world! Our list of international destinations continues to grow for our new BSB Alumni, including more multi-site international programs and new destinations around Europe and overseas.

A number of students gained entry to some of the very best UK universities, including Cambridge, York, Warwick, Imperial College London, King’s College London, Bristol, Exeter and UCL (University College London).

The picture for Spain is equally strong with students gaining places and, in several cases, scholarships to excellent public and private universities including ESADE, University of Navarra, University of Barcelona (UB), IE University and La Salle, amongst others.

Last year’s trend of more BSB students seeking places at Dutch universities has continued with students securing places at universities in Groningen, Amsterdam and Rotterdam amongst others. Similarly, there has been a growth in students going to other European universities including Science Po in France, Marangoni Fashion Institute in Milan and the Culinary Arts Academy in Switzerland. Two students have been awarded sports scholarships to US universities, an area that we feel will continue to develop next year.

We also wish all the best to those students who have opted for a gap year as an opportunity for personal growth or to assess and calibrate their academic, professional or even life goals, and to those who have to attend National Service in their country of origin.

As always, our Careers and Futures Guidance team have worked hard to support our students and to ensure they have got so much to look forward to at their universities of choice over the coming years.


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