BSB Celebrates its Fourth Global Be Well Day

On Friday, 30th September, The British School of Barcelona took part in Global Be Well Day, our annual event led by Cognita, in which over 65,000 young people from over 90 schools around the world dedicated an entire school day to focusing on the vital role of wellbeing in education. ‘Our school focuses on wellbeing all year round, but by joining together with school communities in 14 different countries around the world on this day in September, we celebrate our collective commitment to wellbeing’, explains Carol Coleman, our Director of Student Support. ‘This year’s theme of resources, Diet through the lens of sustainability, reflects our students’ passion for enacting change for our future, something which we are immensely proud of. The day is an annual reminder of the priority we all place on wellbeing which we believe is the genuine foundation of education’, she adds.

Throughout the whole day, students of all ages at the BSB City, BSB Castelldefels, BSB Nexus and BSB Sitges campuses carried out activities specially designed to approach a current problem in a more practical way and raise awareness of the importance of establishing eating habits in which sustainable values must be a priority. From assemblies to reflect on the origin of the products we consume and their impact in terms of CO2 emissions and their consequences for climate change and the increase in atmospheric pollution, to recipe workshops to calculate the kilometres cooked food travelled and its carbon footprint. Through different activities involving subjects as diverse as Art, Geography, Maths, and Debate, the students were able to analyse the importance of food in a social context, from a cultural perspective, and with an environmental focu.

On this occasion, we collaborated with Saned, the company responsible for planning and preparing all of our campuses’ menus and with a clear commitment to provide a differential value in nutritional education and sustainable food. Under the premise of ‘Cooking and Educating’, the students took part in a series of workshops hosted by Saned educators on the consumption of organic fruit and vegetables as well as those those from local producers as part of a fresh, varied, and attractive diet. The activities included workshops on creative culinary techniques to promote fun and motivating cooking to awaken student interest in such an everyday aspect as healthy and balanced eating.

Sustainable food, an environmental commitment that starts in the classroom

The need to make our current lifestyle more sustainable does not leave food out of the equation. Today’s environmental situation has highlighted the need to encourage consuming more local and seasonal products, reduce food waste and limit the consumption of processed foods. Although there is still a long way to go in this respect, many companies, institutions, and educational establishments are already moving towards more a sustainable food model.

There is no doubt that we at BSB support an education that helps create generations of young people with clear ethical and sustainable nutritional values, where the adoption of small habits can have a great impact for the entire planet. This year’s Global Be Well Day was a good example of this.


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