BSB, Examination Centre for DELE Spanish Diploma


In October 2022, The British School of Barcelona signed a partnership agreement with Instituto Cervantes, thanks to which BSB has received the status as an Examination Centre for the DELE Spanish Diplomas for students. The DELE Certificates are official qualifications, accrediting a degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language; the version for students is specifically designed for children aged between 11 and 17, so the areas, contexts and communicative situations in the test are adapted to their age.

Instituto Cervantes is the official body for the promotion of the Spanish language and level accreditations, and its exams are internationally recognised and valid. The Spanish department at BSB has been at work for months now to include preparation for these exams in the academic curriculum and we have already integrated preparation for these exams into the Spanish B curriculum. Therefore, we offer our students —as well as external candidates— the possibility to sit A1 and double A2/B1 exams, and we hope our first candidates can sit the exam next May 2023.


DELE Diploma Certification

As well as being recognised worldwide and be valid for life, the DELE Diploma is the most common way of demonstrating the minimum language proficiency required in order to obtain a Spanish passport.


Looking Ahead

We are currently in negotiations to expand our offer and also offer exams for adults at B2, C1 and C2 level.

In addition, the whole team of the Spanish Department, along with the Catalan Department, are already working on a training programme for examiners.


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